Luck and wits for a more secure betting

Luck is something that we always need in life. But when it comes to the luck in the gambling industry we can use our wits a bit, to at least influence luck a bit. For example in my town there is a small casino, and there are certain times when the roulette machine gives a 0, and there are certain times where the machine gives a 9 or 11.

The thing is you cannot not 100% sure, but there is a chance in the next 10 minutes that it will give those numbers. I actually won more times then lost just by pure luck, by getting there 1 minute before the ball was shoot out and the whole thing started to spin.

For the 0, 3pm was the perfect time and from 3pm till 3:20 pm there always was a 0. As said I got lucky a few times entering at 3:05pm and 3:19 pm betting all my money on 0 and going away with a pocket full of cash.

The important thing is to start slow, not just go in there and lose all your money. Try it out with the smallest bid and after a week you will see that some numbers come on around the same time each day. When you can narrow down the time on when they will appear you will be able to put a safer bet on the table with a higher chance of winning than you had without the knowledge. Luck is indeed important but I can never stress out the importance of the right timing and the right strategy, without it you are just going in and will lose your money in 9 out of 10 cases.