Emotions are all part of casino gaming and they can be good for your results or the opposite. It is very good to be aware of how emotions can influence your gaming and also see when it is time to take a step back and leave the gaming for another time. Anger and joy are not necessarily bad or good. If you understand how these feelings affect your gaming you can use them to always be a winner!


If you make a big bet and lose it all within a few minutes, chances are that you will get very angry. This is not reasonable since you yourself took on the bet and therefore you should have been prepared to lose. Being prepared is the cure for this type of anger. Once you come to the table with the knowledge and understanding that you might lose you will also bet differently. If you get upset by the casino staff and their responses you should make sure to let them know, in a calm way, what is bothering you.

You can’t promise yourself never to get angry but if you do try to use it in a positive way and take a break if all you want to do is jump up and down and scream.If you make a big bet and win you will naturally feel joyful. This is great but you should understand that euphoria can lead you to make unwise bets after the successful one. Just like you would step to the side when you are angry you should take a break when you are very happy. You might feel that now you are on a winning streak and make another big bet only to lose. Make sure that you only make the next bet when you feel calm and relaxed.


Gaming online is not only about you. Thanks to chat rooms, blogs and forums you will soon have many friends online that are busy trying their luck on casino games just like you. It is important to show empathy and give people some encouragement if they are upset and share their bad luck with you. You might need the same support later so make sure to be a good friend to your online gambling pals. Empathy is also important when you deal with the casino support. Remember that they are people too and by treating them nicely you are bound to get much better service.

Feeling insecure

Feelings of insecurity can be very harmful, especially in skill games. If you spend too much time worrying about how other players look at you or what they think you miss the whole game. Be honest about your own level and do your best to improve without feeling like you must win the race. Play against the casino only if you feel stressed by competitors.

By recognizing your emotions while you play casino games you can handle them better and improve your results.