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    decanter wine awards 2018 Due to the severe winter in north China, winegrowers need to bury their vines every year after harvest. Award extreme decanter wine awards 2018 have seen Chinese winemakers develop new techniques to produce ice wines. The method allows one fruit-bearing cane to testosterone spray for men left un-cut and un-buried before the iced berries are harvested, while the other cane is buried for fruit production in the next year. How are ice wines made in China? Though no official figures have been released, Professor Zhan estimates that currently China produces 3, tonnes of ice wines every year. Besides the three gold medal-winning ice wines, China has also won 15 Silvers and 29 Bronzes. How the judging and medal system works for decanter wine awards 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards?

    Decanter (magazine) - Wikipedia

    decanter wine awards 2018

    Vinification is the process that transforms the grapes into wine. The process of vinification differ from region to region, financial state of the winery and the grape types. The harvesting time and the type of oak used for aging are based on the region in which the wine grapes are grown. Be the first to taste this year's winners from the Decanter World Wine Awards, world's largest wine competition.

    Join Decanter at this tasting to sample over award-winning wines from across the globe. Each of the award-winning wines have been rigorously blind tasted by our prestigious panel of the greatest wine experts, including Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers. This is your chance to discover a selection of wines awarded by Decanter. See highlights from our tasting of DWWA winners.

    Wine making process involves the following stages: The first step in wine making process is Harvesting or Picking. Grapes should be harvested at the right time in order to make good wine. Harvesting can be done either mechanically or by hand.

    The process of separating the grapes from the stems and cluster parts is called Destemming. Some of the wine makers keep some fragments of the stem to increase the wine tannin. After destemming the grapes are crushed to extract the juice from the skin. This is done before the fermentation process begins. In the olden days bare feet is used to extract the grape juice, now a day machines like crushers are used.

    Separation of grape juice and the skin is named as pressing. After crushing the grape juice will flow freely, selected wineries use pressers to make sure maximum juice is released.

    Once the grapes are pressed they are introduced into the process of fermentation. During this process the grape juice are converted into alcoholic beverage. The yeast interacts with the sugar in the grape juice and converts them into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Once the wine is purified and refined, they are preserved with sulfur dioxide or potassium sorbate.

    During the natural process of fermentation a minimum amount of sulfites are produced, but more is added for the use of commercial preservation. Wines are aged for a particular amount of time to get more welcoming wine. Once after purification, the wines are moved to wooden barrels for aging. Metal vats, concrete vats and glass carboys are also used in some cases to increase the flavor. After aging, the wines are bottled. During the process of bottling a final dose of sulfite is added to the wine to prevent it from uninvited fermentation in the bottle.

    The bottles are then sealed with cork and screw caps. Decanter World Wine Awards Tasting. Read full article on decanter. Each wine is unique. Soil, weather, geology, varietals, and the style of wine making, are all decisive yet variable factors that give each wine a unique character. Winemakers all over the world are combining wine making traditions of millennia with innovative approaches and ideas, to address consumer demand for high quality products and a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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    Chinese ice wines won three golds in Decanter World Wine Awards | Decanter China 醇鉴中国

    decanter wine awards 2018

    Decanter World Wine Awards

    decanter wine awards 2018

    Decanter World Wine Awards Tasting

    decanter wine awards 2018