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    Libido on Masteron

    gh15 masteron dose Wiki Research Mission Statement Donate! Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Results 26 to 42 of I'm just having trouble to gh15 masteron dose myself and my psychology to be in a cycle. Please stop with the argue.

    Is tren as great as gh15 makes it out to be?

    gh15 masteron dose

    It was time for a serious thread.. Nice to see BLP posting I think this part's awesome "3gr cyp a week was like being natural ": How many calories do you eat a day to maintain lbs? I make stuff as simple as it gets and just get sick of prepping meals so often, I am making this a goal of mine to realize in time probably years but one day I will have my weekly food prepared as such!

    Very interesting to see you are maintaining your muscle on wayyyyyy lower doses. Do you have any 3gram pics to compare to low dose test tren matron? Glad to see you back posting we need a jump start in the chem section, who better then -BLP-. Glad to see you back posting we need a jump start in the chem section, who better then -BLP- thks bro that was taken few days ago And you plan on running that till august?

    How are you keaping track of your health? The 2 underground king right there! Good for you BLP. Very informative thread into the mind of a mad scientist! Thank you for Guinea Pigging yourself so we can learn. BLP, you are very poetic! How's the off season treating you so far bro?

    And the food, after a week it finaly worth all the money? Ohhhh Ohhhh, a white girl, blp you sure you feel good? Since business came th highlight.. About time,,, near 37yo.. I will marie ,, Having kid in Will allow her men to take care of her while her pregnancy No matters what Understand that her men mildly misanthropic will have her as th only friend , she will incarnate multi image n.

    Th porn star to th loyal women and nail it like a pro On any men's fan club approach she will mention how orgasmic is her existence since th couple remain young n on wild behavior. It take me way too long time to understand that original thing like that will always beat expensive gift Good to see we're 3 here that still do things like that poem. Oh, but I'm not the poem writting kind of guy, lol I think poems are cool, but I just suck at this kind of stuff. But being broke, my gf know this as well, I had to resort to the best thing I could do.

    I even know it pretty much by heart as I work on it every night, lol. I've never done this, I'm actually excited, lol! Do it, do it Oh hell no, LOL!!! So is the Tren ok with you, you master it or its still a nightmare? Anytime I go over mg of Tren I become a fucking lunatic.

    I have tried even at mg Test and it still made me too crazy. What else could I do to make it work? Not that I will try again but I am interested in your methods. I bumped my tren a up to mg per week about a month ago and feel great.

    I guess I am lucky that I feel great on tren, minus the fact I get sweaty so easily. You know i guess theres several reasons why it could Im sorry thats not building thats an addiction to the feelin of tren,, you should be bigger then ronnie coleman i dont care what genetics you have or maybe your not training hard enough with all the tren lethargy,,, are you EATING with all that GH you should be training 2 times a day or each body part 2 x a week with crazy intensity hormones are suppose to make you do super human things not train like you are natural and eat big macs and not put on fat Haha, they may have told you that but trust me no one gets to blp's size without serious abuse of aas and gh and slin.

    BLP trains his ass off and has dedicated his life to bbing. He's as honest and generous as they come. So before you start bashing him maybe you should appreciate his honesty. He's doing what he has to in order to achieve his goals, he's not telling anyone to do the same.

    Make your own damn decision but don't complain that you just don't have the 'genetics' to get bigger when your stuck at lbs and your 'friends' are all mass monsters lying to you about their doses. But if you wanna spread that low dose bullcrap that people in this industry preach about only because they don't wanna look like drug addicts then start your own fucking thread.

    Any critical thinking person should know that to achieve an extreme physique requires extreme drug use and if you wanna try and brainwash people into believing hard work and chicken and rice can turn you into a national level heavy or superheavyweight bodybuilder then you are lying to yourself and others.

    You wonder why bodybuilding didn't really take off until steroids were being developed in the 50's and 60's? People don't wanna look at just decent physiques, they wanna see something special, and drugs have enabled that. OH and FYI read BLP's posts dumbass, he eats every 3 hours, he has a cook prepare all his meals and before he did that the guy ate sushi everyday. BLP I am very curious what you do for a living?

    Must suck to watch him succeed while you get fatter. How does BLP's nuts taste cause he is balls deep in your mouth. Post pics or stop trolling!

    Even If he's slighty chubby he grab chicks like crazy, u on abs only caught flu Its must suck to see they still didn't find chemical enhancement for your lack of charisma ;.

    Stop polluting it with bitchy behaviors.. I hope a mod delete some posts. Hey BLP, on the prami what dose do you do? I have done cabar sp? I wish you the best, and I hope your dreams of being pro come true Im going on 21 years in this sport, and I feel like this year, I hope I can compete in a national show and be competive. My back sucks, my ab formation sucks, but im working my hardest to do my best.

    Hard work, heart, and desire will bring out your best!!! I hope a mod delete some posts haha right bro, my head is not always there. Androgens increase epo enough for bodybuilding purposes.. I talked to my ''trainer'' today 4national one universe title,bbing for over 40years,prepared over a hundred athletes,works closely with a pro just to confirm that epo is useless and maybe dangerous for bbers Lol at guys having underground connections know the secrets of the pros If you are an IFBB pro tell me who through pm,i won't tell anyone..

    Otherwise you are a troll.. Who says the truth and who is lying? Personally i don't care,because recently with the help of a top UK bodybuilder i figured out how overhyped some compounds are and how expensive.. Everyone is different and believe it or not not everyone knows how to use things correctly.

    Not saying this guy is right by any means just saying cuz this guru u talked said something damn sure doesn't mean it true. What he did say about endurance and fullness does have some base, troll or not. Didn't say he is right but check again ''trainer'' aka supplier one of the biggest in Balkan,only cyclists ask him epo and i didn't argue on endurance or fullness but for bbing purposes steroids and slin will give the same effect Dave Palumbo has also stated that it is useless for bbers and Patrick too and many others with a real name face and recognition Now i'm creating more accounts to support my claims..

    Your tought BLP on the flex pro? Lionel n' pak beat fouad The Arnold he's comming blp, who's you got winning? Do you think Branch will be able to do in 6 months what Victor Martinez haven't been able to do in 6 years and come back stronger?

    Evan Centopanie Chubby kids right there, my favorite. What protocol do you follow and do you use it pre or post workout? No joint issues there? Post some pics of yourself if you wanna make this even somewhat believable. Ritch, that's not much unlike what Joe D has run in the past. I personally find this very believable. Yom, do people think you're some kind of heroin addict with all the track marks you must get with the iv injects? I call bullshit on all of this.

    He is a troll.. But a delusional one,i think he really believes he is a pro.. Actually he reminds me ymir. He won't,he is a midjet with a magic mirror. Ok yom if you are a pro why don't you contact with s2h so he can confirm it and then it would be great for all of us to have you here since you are so open to talk. I really mean that,we all want to learn inside info but we can't trust anyone behind a net account,you don't have to reveal your indetidy just a confirmation by a mod.

    I really mean that,we all want to learn inside info but we can't trust anyone behind a net account,you don't have to reveal your indetidy just a confirmation by a mod Agreed.

    First Cycle: Testo c + tren a + masteron - Page 2

    gh15 masteron dose

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    gh15 masteron dose

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