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    xeno steroids Read all 3 reviews Write Your Own. As xeno steroids 15 August, This source is no longer approved on evo due to multiple violations. Order at your own risk! XENO Pharmaceuticals is a scam!

    Xeno Pharmaceuticals Steroid Source Reviews

    xeno steroids

    As many of us expected, it was only a matter of time until the anti-doping crusaders started to show their interest in xenoandrogens. Last month, the anti-doping. What is the biggest problem in the eyes of Dr.

    Smith is that the stuff actually works and still is legal. But a substance that lives up to its promises must be banned from professional sports as well as from shelves of nutrition shops. In my humble opinion, one of the reasons for this approach is that most xenoandrogens are optically so similar to anabolic steroids. So can we expect the ban on xenoandrogens in the near future? As I know from personal encounters with several coaches, there is a discussion going on about this topic in the federations most affected by this new form of doping — namely swimming, various martial arts and weightlifting.

    It is possible that xenoandrogens will be some day banned from those sports but hopefully there will be no general ban on the substances. Read more in English: In the last half year we learned much about Xenoandrogens: One thing is for sure: Well, hard training is still necessary. Just blindly pumping iron will not do.

    For some reason there are still people who believe that the more time they spend in the gym the better. Sorry, this is a big nonsense. Not only proteins but magnesium, cholesterol and other components must be there if you really want to see the results. Third, and I had to repeat this again and again to people using AAS when they were legal and now to guys using xenoandrogens: And it comes with a price tag. Some of you may be lucky and feel no or little side-effects.

    Others may experience problems ranging from acne to depression. And last but not least — some AAS or xenoandrogens may not work with you.

    Please ask any doctor, read about any clinical trial: There is no such thing and definitely not in endocrinology. Our hormonal set up is unique. It is always slightly different from the rest. Therefore you can hardly avoid certain experimentation. If you are not successful with one stack you will be most likely much better off with a different one.

    There is no one-size-fits-all thing here. All stacks were used for 13 weeks, then 1 month regeneration. As all of us are bodybuilders we have no experience with endurance stacks I presume Winny combined with Deca or Primobol. It will be interesting to test them.

    The gains were in average 6 kg per cycle. Using oral tablets only proved quite disappointing. I never saw good results with this approach. Although many top athletes are using xenoandrogen products from MegaGear these days, few actually realize that they consume potent prohormones in the same time.

    This may not be such a good idea. It all started with a Turkish weightlifter being positively tested on Boldenone sooner this year. He was quite sure that the test has something to do with xenoandrogens he is using but was unable to prove it. This sparked some debate on xenoandrogens: As it seems, the problem is somewhat more complex. The fact is that all oil-based products from MegaGear have more than one active substance.

    The xenohormone is always mixed with several prohormones campesterol, beta-Sitosterol and stigmasterol which are all precursors of boldenone. This means that if you sort of overdose you will have alfa-boldenone in your urine.

    The problem with false positive boldenone tests are not new. Personally, I like the action of boldenone undecylenate. Before the steroids were made illegal I considered it the best anabolic product on the marked: But the strong case for xenoandrogens was that they can be used by professional athletes without being detected.

    An average bodybuilder has no problem using anabolic steroids, this is a problem for those of us participating in official competitions. To be fair, it can be very much a question of dosage and metabolism. Still, this is something that must be considered by the company and by its clients too. Frankly, until now I was not able to answer such questions.

    While the producer is somewhat secretive about this, the scientists developing xenoandrogens are not. Many naturally occurring substances can exist in various different forms which will then have a different impact on human organism.

    One has to bear in mind that many such substances are actually very complicated molecules. They can either naturally occur in several structural variations or can be artificially modified. This is confusing for those who are used to deal with steroids, as they know many testosterone-derivates which have all different names — and on top of that, come esterified by various esters. This is because it is well known in medicine that a slightly different version of a hormone can have significantly different action in the body.

    The situation is different with many other molecules. It means that you can twist and tweak, say, tocopherol and its name will be the same. Here we are quite specific. If you produce dietary supplements and add vitamin B6, it is perfectly OK to describe it as such. In theory, we could create countless subgroups of such substances, but the food-labels would still describe them as vitamin B6 or, say, pyridoxamine, at best.

    In the case of tocopherol, the existing MegaGear anabolic steroid-clones are based on modifications of all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate. Here is an excerpt from a scientific study published in The biological activity of the tocopherols vary greatly, and this variation is only partly correlated with the antioxidant activity of the tocopherols when this is studied in a lipid medium.

    A number of features of the tocopherol molecule evidently contribute to the biological activity, and this may be compared with the activity of either synthetic all rac-alpha-tocopherol or to the natural RRR-alpha-tocopherol.

    The work described in the present paper is a systematic study in which the effect on growth and on prostaglandin E 2 synthesis was measured on a comparative basis for a range of structurally modified compounds. If you are really interested in the stuff, you can read the whole article here: As you can see, the differences can be quite significant.

    In fact, the structural difference between nandrolone and testosterone is smaller than between all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate and its various modifications. By playing with the rings, sidechains and their positions, the computer program can create virtually countless modifications. Some of them are then evaluated as promising and undergo further testing. The recently published overview shows there are no less than various xenoandrogens that can be potentially used as performance-enhancement drugs.

    Of course, not all of them are fit for human use and some may — in theory — prove rather harmful. But how you create a modification of an existing substance and how can you test its effects on human body? Unlike the drugs of yesteryear, huge deal of designing and testing a new substance is today done in the memory of a computer only. Millions and millions of variables must be changed until there is hope that the resulting modification will have the wished-for effects.

    Still, even the fastest computer is not a match to in-vivo testing: First, rodents are the victims. Then, some larger animals and ultimately the humans will use the substance if safe…of course. Every newly designed modification is tested on influencing the testosterone production, anabolic activity, protein synthesis stimulation which is basically the same , androgenic activity etc.

    Of the computer-designed modifications, 47 have been tested in laboratory conditions and out of these 47, 12 eventually made it to commercial production. The choice of those 12 modified tocotrienols and nicotinamides had been done purely on commercial base: But what about the rest?

    Maybe, there is a new super-stimulant that will outdo all we have ever known? Having used the xenohormones for the past several months I strongly believe such a substance is near.

    One reason is that I never experienced any serious side-effect and neither did my fellow-bodybuilders. And this is quite something. To be sure, not every athlete using xenoandrogens will experience huge muscle gains. But they never had acne, shrinking testes, baldness, liver problems.

    Not to speak about being tested positive on steroids or just doing something that can easily land you in jail.

    Another huge advantage of androgens is that they are produced and sold legally, and here I mean that you know who really produced them and under what hygienic conditions. Because this is the real problem with steroids today.

    As the name suggest, this xenoandrogen has been designed to resemble the famous Dianabol. First of all, I wonder whether this was necessary. I suspect the only reason is commercial: By giving it a name of classical and highly esteemed anabolic steroid, MegaGear is obviously parasiting on the success of someone else.

    Letting all this aside we expected to get very similar results with Danabol as we would get from methandienone Dianabol.


    xeno steroids

    Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists: Advances in Research - Google Buku

    xeno steroids

    anabolic steroids | Xenoandrogens

    xeno steroids