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    diana rota lol I have been a bit of the grid diana rota lol my life just took a degree turn. You might be wondering what do I mean with this and what has happened to me. It gets hard to get back on day mode, especially when you do it frequently. I thought long and hard and if any of you can relate to shift work you can relate to the difficulties with me. And if you are trenbolone acetate kura what kind of photo is that, that is my face on the day I get out of night. Hello there, long time no see! I know I have diana rota lol absent for a long time.

    Diana Ross Tea what is the Deal | Lipstick Alley

    diana rota lol

    I come from a world very different from any world you're familiar with, especially if English is your first [and only] language. Circumstances exceedingly convenient just provided me with a usable chunk of life, which allows me to produce i for your benefit a very informative slice of my originating culture.

    I feel obligated, consequently, to take the time and go into detail. The result, while lengthy and involved, and while necessarily not a complete story ii , is guaranteed to go all the way to the root of the tree, which should be something. Ioan Neculaie is what they call there "om de afaceri", ie "man of business". He is not, pointedly not, what you'd call a businessman. The term is used in its own context to distinguish him from the alternative, which would be "mafiot" iii: Otherwise, they are both expected to be well connected with a bevy of corrupt politicians.

    This particular fellow, born in the 50s, used to own Romania's truck factory, and a football team associated with it, but he "lost" it a few years ago, and a year later was convicted suspended sentence, of course for doing something or the other to the land of another such businessman Ioan Olaru. Amusingly enough, there exists an entirely identical guy whose name is Ioan Niculaie, who owns some ex-state farms with significant capacity.

    The Ioan Neculaie we're discussing today is not nearly this notable, which is to say not really notable at all. Diana Guresoaie is a young woman, which in Romanian would traditionally be " fata mare ", ie, "big girl".

    You can't call her that, however, because of the implications of virginity that traditional term carries, which would be plainly insulting to the more urbanized sort of Romania that replaced the pure agricultural society of the s. She is approaching the end of her shelf life, with the horrifying status of " fata batrina " ie old maid looming quite threateningly. Under these circumstances she is working her ass off to make something of herself while her window lasts, for which reason she carries my unreserved respect.

    In plus, "a doua bomba sexy" a lui Cristi Tanase a dat detalii picante despre fosta lor relatie. The title says that Dodel's Hunchback posed almost naked for showbiz. The actual article shows the woman atop a chair in lingerie, which The interesting part is however the nominative formation.

    So, the woman is X's Y. So what if men don't keep one wife vii but a bunch of girlfriends? X's Y and Z's K! How would you like living like this? Yes, those would be your names.

    What is this "one name" thing? And if you were even marginally sexually active, it'd take longer to write down all your various names than it'd take to eat a meal! Now hurry up and get married before you're actually worthless - you don't live in America where the government prints money to keep you fed. Romanian Secret Services are an establishment of humor maintained on public funds, whose principal if not outright only activity is to wiretap everyone's phones, go through the mess and feed the choicest bits to the press.

    This is seriously discussed in the Romanian language in a few articles viii , written by me for Trilema, and nowhere else. This has also yielded the famous Sorana - comedie bufa intr-un act , as far as I know the only dramatic creation in the Romanian language this millenium worth the name.

    It describes the adventures of a schoolgirl, her best friend, their parents, their pimp and their true loves. It's pretty good, and it certainly explains how "secret services" work in Romania and to what purpose.

    Exactly in that same manner, they leaked some transcripts of private conversations between the two aforemnetioned, in the broader context of a large prosecution of "prostitution", which is to say young women exchanging sexual favours for food and petty cash. Seeing how this is absolutely and universally the mode of behaviour in that place since forever, well supported by a culture which to this day maintains that walking away from an erect penis is immoral for a healthy woman ix , and seeing how the only thing not participating says about you is that you're ugly and unwanted, the "prosecution" for lolz and press junkets limited itself to "famous" women, which is to say these desperate girls appearing on the incredibly cheap Romanian television shows for a coupla hundred euros per two hour session.

    That should be enough to set the stage. So we have the older guy, the young woman and the whole chain of chronic masturbators with the telephoto lens trained on them. We left, so you know, listen But you'll convince her or I dunno, Ima stick my cock in the lot of em xii , I'm sick of them So then don't come, leave her there.

    Eh, you'll convince her, may the devil have her, what, didn't you convince the other one last time, you take her with your gab. Ah, you're talking with her there?!

    No, no, I was in the gas station, I've only climbed in the car right now. Yeah, listen, we talk when I get home, we talk at your place. I've just got here, we're entering Bucharest, entering the gas station, went in for a little, some water some things.

    Fuck you in the ass All these broken promises, fucking my ass and stuff Well, if you bring She pissed me off at first, didn't you see, then I went and fucked her without condom.

    Yes, yes, she came back spent. Yeah, there's a ton of work to do with her xix , yeah, she's prettier than that one, not quite the bubble butt, but But her face's the best! There you go, I'm glad you like it and you're satisfied And you're sticking more liquid in now or what.

    Nah, I came in to get water and what else I need and I'm going home, I'm beat. We've ordered some food and going to eat. Good, might I eat that cunt of yours.

    Good, might I eat [your cock] xxi , god damned, how are we going to, damn it. No, no, this one's good, lest it turns out like those, like that one.

    This one's better, didn't you think? You know what I mean. I know, I know, you can be at ease on that score. Don't worry, yes, yes, no, no. Yeah, that one when she gets drunk she fucks whoever crosses her path. Yes, what, not quite like that, you're exaggerating.

    When she gets drunk she stops thinking, you know what I'm saying. Eh, it is true xxv , when she drinks she no longer I'm not like that. No, no, you aren't, because you don't drink. Well when it comes to drinking We see what we do about it, and with those, that one she works with. Yes, yes, it'd be better during the weekend, so that no I've peeled the chestnut.

    My cock, listen, don't tell that one you're coming over. No, don't worry, I know how to sort my things out. Then I'll tell her I'm in love with her, irredeemably.

    Alright listen, I'm going into the car Hey, set this down, Anda please, fuck their dumbass mouth! Go towards our cock, but what, where, you leave her home or what? Yeah, she lives next to me there in the Complex, same building. Ah, you can't cuss, might you pull my No, no, no, I must speak nicely. What the hell are you doing with that phone, it's scratching my ears. What are you doing my love? I'm supposed to speak nicely! You bring me cunt by the trainload and Well since you don't want to be, just mine If only I could still get away with it.

    You are, yeah, because if I weren't around who'd have eaten the flour. Myeah, you're pretty cool, seems we found each other. A piece of shit, what the hell else. What do you think Yeah, she's told me, she told me last night. Might I stick my penis in her dead predecessors. She told me last night she might be going, her mother called, I was in the car.

    And she was saying she's getting plane tickets Well if she had My girlfriend, she was, I fixed her teeth, I bought her a Range Rover, yeah Yea, I'm not doing anything, I have no idea why it sounds like that. Eh, hell, what can I tell you.

    No Rota at St Mark’s! | The Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale

    diana rota lol

    Life Archives - The Tell-Tales of Diana Valverde

    diana rota lol

    A modern lovestory : Ioan Niculaie & Diana Guresoaie. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu.

    diana rota lol