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    turanabol daily dosage Turinabol possesses a very low androgenic strength rating of 6 alongside an anabolic strength rating of 53, making it very favorable in the department of side effects bulking diet chart gains ratio. Very little in the way of androgenic side effects should be seen at the Turinabol doses necessary to build mass and strength, and even higher. Unfortunately, however, Turinabol is a weaker anabolic steroid than its parent hormone Dianabol. Turinabolfor all intents and purposes, possesses roughly half the anabolic strength of Testosterone. However, as previously mentioned, the advantage is the near absence of androgenic side effects and complete turanabol daily dosage of estrogenic side effects — but the trade-off is the fact dosagw the Turinabol doses turanabol daily dosage to elicit a considerable effect must be considerably large.

    Turinabol Dosage

    turanabol daily dosage

    By Kennyken , October 23, in Steroid and Testosterone information. I saw great results on just 60mg, have increased to 80mg now. Only side for me was shoulder pumps. I'm taking it as a kickstarter so not on its own.

    My first ever cycle was tbol-only for 3 weeks, followed by about 10 days of low-dose tamoxifen for PCT,just in case. I think 3 weeks of tbol is a great first cycle. It gave me the enthusiasm to buy a box of cheap syringes, google "spot injections", and take the plunge into injecting myself for the first time. I've used tbol in various cycles 3 times now. Its my choice for "the most versatile oral steroid" award. As you're curious about it, I'm going to share my personal observations about it, and how it compares to other oral steroids I've used.

    I think of it as dianabol V2. The east germans discovered that the US were feeding dianabol to their weightlifters. Dbol is 50s steroid technology. The maindrawback of dbol is that it turns into a very nasty methylated estrogen, and is the steroid most responsible for gyno and water bloat in bodybuilders. Turinabol is a very good muscle-builder like dianabol, but without any water bloat. It has a longer biological half-life than dbol, suppresses the HPTA less, and only costs a few quid more than dianabol.

    Its not totally dry like anavar or winstrol, and its not wet like dbol - you just sort of stay the same on it, whilst gaining half a lb of clean muscle a day if you get your diet and training right. Its a brilliant, low-sides nitrogen retention agent. If you can get amino acids in your blood, some muscle fibre damage to repair, and a constant level of turinabol, the tbol will make all the meat and protein you eat stick to you like a magnet. Recovery is really fast between training sessions on tbol, even at my age I can hit the weights every day of the week, and not even feel a twinge the following day - just that "good" ache.

    Personally, I found that to get the most out of tbol, it has a certain "rhythm" that you have to get yourself in sync with. Don't go for personal bests or try to show off in front of your gym mates. For these 3 reasons, I find tbol is well suited to working out at home with free weights and a bench in the kitchen, while your next batch of protein is cooking. Its a great dry bulker, and a "kitchen steroid" - your protein consumption is more important than doing heavy sets. I have found that tbol gives me food cravings, but only for protein.

    I crave juicy steaks washed down with whey shakes. I don't think of tbol as particularly spectacular for strength increases. I find that anavar gives better strength increases, but less muscle mass. Gen-shi, Balkan Pharmaceuticles and Geneza are 3 brands I've used, and found them all to be good.

    Im not sure on half lifes on tbol but would be intrested to hear how people run them. Why is tbol so hard to get hold of compared to the likes of dbol?

    I would have thought that tbol would become as popular as other orals, if not more popular. I did a few ph cycles then tried Var and was very underwhelmed with Var - should have done another SD cycle. Anyway, just about to start week 4 Tbol ed of my cycle and I'm very pleased with the way it's going. Very few sides I'm doing celery extract for Bp, multi vit, omega 3,6,9 and taurine I've really noticed my body shape change for the better weight has only gone up 3lbs so far but I've lost a bit a fat, I'm more defined and I feel great and boy am I loving my weight sessions.

    Now in the new year I think I'll give winny a go as I've read so much about it from Aus. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Turinabol dosing for first cycle?

    Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted October 23, Just trying to learn more about this steroid Any advice? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Very expensive cycle then!! Do you need a pct with tbol? I would do mg i had great gains off that dose! I would pct off it just to make sure. That's 10 tablets a day!!! Posted October 23, edited. I settled on 60mg a day towards the end.

    I gained about 15lb, most of which I kept. A few other things I've noticed about turinabol: Split your tbol dose up, spread throughout the day. Eat protein all day along with your tbol tablets. Edited October 23, by Zorrin. Yeah is split them up 2x5times a day easy done. Posted August 18, Posted September 24, Does anyone slese split doses or take them all at once??? Posted September 25, I would say mg for weeks and split the dose to keep blood levels stable.

    Yeah I spilt them, 40 in the morning 40 in the evening. Posted October 13, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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    Opinions and dosage on Tbol ?

    turanabol daily dosage

    Turinabol doses, cycle, stacks

    turanabol daily dosage

    What Is the Recommended Turinabol Dosage? ~ Anabolicco

    turanabol daily dosage