Medrol Dose Pack Side Effects Weight Gain

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  • Does methylprednisolone 4mg the 6 day pack make you gain weight?
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    medrol dose pack side effects weight gain Prednisone is able to help during any severe disease. Its spectrum of action is broad that it covers medorl all known diseases of autoimmune, allergic, and tumour origin. It is used all over the world and due to its strong medrol dose pack side effects weight gain this medicine has already saved many lives. Prednisone is used for treating severe allergies, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and skin conditions. Prednisone is a corticosteroid.

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    medrol dose pack side effects weight gain

    Calorie Counter Follow Us: Log In Sign Up. You are currently viewing the message boards in: Home Recent Discussions Search. So I went to the allergist yesterday and he said I am having a severe allergy attack.

    I live in lower Alabama and the pollen level here is off the charts - he prescribed me prednisone for 6 days. I have heard that this will make you gain weight but if I am only taking it for 6 days will it still make me gain weight? March 23, You have to take it for a long period of time.

    A past co-worker has been on it off and on for years at a time and it caused weight gain. Long term use can cause weight gain. I often have to go on it for a week at a time and I don't have a problem with it. My ex-husband whom I have been caring for for the past 7 years is very sick and has been taking prednisone for about the same amount of time. I have also taken a very aggressive dose for 6 months many years ago.

    If you are taking it for 6 days, I wouldn't worry about gaining weight. Normally, prednisone gives the user a "moon-face" and a big tummy. My ex has both even though he is now very skinny due to illness. Don't sweat it, you will be fine.

    Not weight per se, you'll just retain fluids and feel bloated and fat. I've taken it before, the fluid comes off in a few days after taking it.

    When I'm on it for very short periods less than 10 days I am okay. But when I had to stay on it for over a month for an RA flare I blew up like a Macy's day parade balloon. And it took me over a year to lose 20lbs. You should be fine. I'm presently on 60mgs today and past two days then go to 40mgs for 3 days and 20mgs for final 3 days for a severe asthma episode due to the flu. How many mg per day did they put you on? It may increase your appetite so have healthy snacks at the ready.

    Be prepared for insomnia as well, which can also increase appetite because you'll feel tired. But for 6 days, I agree with the others -- no worries. Having dispensed it for many years to patients, I can say that prednisone can often times cause an increased appitite.

    So long as you keep your calories in check you should be fine. My son has taken it on and off over the past 3 months and did gain 6lbs in that time span he just turned It a mild steroid I took 30mg prednisolone near enough the same thing, right?

    It is a 6 day pack, starts with 6 pills today 4 mg each and then 5 tomorrow, 4 the next day and so on The reason I am so worried is we are doing a weigh in challenge at Zumba and I am doing really good so far. I've been on and off it for 10 years due to arthritis and uveitis. I put on weight but alot of it was bad diet and binging due to depression caused by them! I'm now losing that weight and it's coming off pretty easy, but I don't put on any weight when I do a short sharp dose when it's needed!

    March 24, 4: It is a steroid so it can cause mild weight gain. It won't cause weight gain if you're only on it for a week. Those of us who have been on it for months on end, yes. If you want to read more about it, check out my blog. I have a whole post dedicated to Prednisone: April 9, Right now he's on day 3 of 15, paired with 21 days of antibiotics for a sinus infection.

    By day 2, he'd gained 7 lbs on his 6'4", lb frame. Was it all from the Prednisone, probably not. But it seems to make him retain water. So whenever he's on it he increases his water intake from cups to double that I know that's a lot of water, but we don't drink soda, juices, etc Normally when it's all said and done, he's up a pound or two, but it comes off easy when he's off it.

    My brother, on the other hand, is on a daily dose due to some severe medical conditions and it has contributed to his long-term weight gains. Taking the pack for 6 days you will be fine plus the dose is low. I am on and off pred due to lupus. I gained 4olbs in 2 months, but well worth the return in my health. When I am on 10 mg or less i barely notice the weight gained when paired with healthy eating and exercise. I am fighting now to get back to regular weight but it is a struggle with steroids being part of my daily routine.

    I took a step down dose stera-pack for a sinus infection for six days and I gained six pounds. It makes you very hungry and lethargic. After I finished the medication and got back to my normal fitness routine it came off. Sign In or Register to comment.

    Even Short-term Oral Steroid Side Effects Are Bad News! - Regenexx®

    medrol dose pack side effects weight gain

    Side Effects of the Medrol Dosepak |

    medrol dose pack side effects weight gain

    Does methylprednisolone 4mg the 6 day pack make you gain weight?

    medrol dose pack side effects weight gain