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    How to Avoid Anavar Side Effects

    anavar girl side effects Rarely, this drug has caused serious, sidee fatal liver problems including liver failureliver cysts, and liver tumors. This drug may also affect your cholesterol and may increase your risk of heart or blood vessel problems coronary artery disease. Your doctor will monitor your cholesterol level closely. Who should not take Anavar Tablet? It is also used to relieve anavar girl side effects pain due to bone loss osteoporosis. Oxandrolone belongs to a class of drugs known as anabolic steroids.

    Side Effects of Anavar in Women

    anavar girl side effects

    Of all the anabolic steroids that have been developed, none has been as popular and effective as Anavar. It offers the most benefits among the steroids, and can be ingested orally, making it trendy amongst steroid users worldwide. Because of its mild nature, it is the preferred steroid of women worldwide. Developed in , the Oxandrolone also known as Oxandrin drug was immediately patented by its parent company Pfizer Inc.

    Since then, its applications in physical development has been experimented and expanded to a large extent. Anavar is very effective when recovering body mass. It can recover muscle from burns, surgeries, and infections. It induces rapid muscle growth , which is always lean body mass. It gives the user two benefits in tandem, increased muscle and a lean body. The Anavar Cycle is a period based around taking Anavar over a period of time. Because of its potency, it is one of the most expensive steroids in the world.

    But since women only require a fraction of the male requirement, it is very cost-effective for women. By planning prudently, a woman who consumes mg per day over an average of 6 week long period can achieve a well-toned body and cut body fat down successfully.

    Being the most effective anabolic steroid, it has the most potential to be the most harmful. It has both psychological and physiological impacts on users. Despite it being catered towards women and being women-friendly in general, there are a number of adverse issues associated with Anavar. Most of them are caused by high dosages or small intervals between dosages than anything. Statistics show that responsible users of Anavar have reported no side-effects.

    The reported issues have always been complemented by a deviation in usage. Anavar affects the skin in a number of ways. It can cause acne and increase oiliness. Skin color may also change while taking medications.

    It has also been found to cause male pattern baldness in men and women alike. Anavar affects sexuality in a myriad of ways. It enlarges the clitoris and either heightens or lowers sexual urges. It may also lead to irregular menstruation periods. Consuming Anavar has been found to have led to deepening and coarsening of the voice modeled on a male pattern. Drinking alcohol after taking Anavar can put a lot of stress on the livers and may cause permanent liver damage.

    Also, it may have allergic reactions in the form of swelling of the tongue, face or throat. Additionally, headache, nausea, and vomiting have been reported to be a regular occurrence.

    Anavar is also accused of causing shifts in psychology. The mood swings may be sporadic or regular. It also causes anxiety and depression in many people. The stress of achieving a particular body type may manifest itself in anxiety, and the time being taken may result in depression. The increased confidence and self-esteem also comes with an increase in aggression and rage. The users may be sulking and brooding one minute and violent the next.

    Most of the side-effects are not caused by taking the steroid in an unregulated manner. Anavar should be consumed after preparing an extensive chart to map the Anavar cycle, after consulting a doctor.

    The risks mentioned are severe and warrant a well-calculated effort to take them. Anavar is the most successful anabolic steroid for this reason. High risk, high rewards. Our suggested alternative to Anavar is a supplement available from Crazy Bulk. Its name is Anvarol , and it is a made using natural, legal ingredients designed to mimic the benefits of Anavar but without the side effects.

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    Anavar for Women: The Benefits, Side Effects and Best Alternatives

    anavar girl side effects

    Anavar Side Effects: Dangers and Risks of Using Oxandrolone(Anavar)

    anavar girl side effects

    How to Avoid Anavar Side Effects [Includes Dosage Chart] ~ Anabolicco

    anavar girl side effects