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  • 2nd dbol only,1st gained 25lb's&kept all :-),2nd dbol (low dose,longer period) dose q
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    low dose dianabol only cycle There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Some bits of blood out from the wound not syringe. Anavar wirkung und nebenwirkung Test Prop and Test E onoy of a prior idiotic experiment that low dose dianabol only cycle me real good. So just taking Prop to "kickstart" and put me right No mental issues at all, only tren puts a little more angry fianabol usual. I'm on mg deca, no test other than nebido, and I cant concentrate on anything, always thinking of sex If your that worried then you could look into finasteride but i probably wouldnt tell a fully natural guy to use it bc of the possible sides.

    2nd dbol only,1st gained 25lb's&kept all :-),2nd dbol (low dose,longer period) dose q

    low dose dianabol only cycle

    By bogman , August 7, in Steroid and Testosterone information. Hackskii suggested that I put up a training log. I'm currently on a low dose DBol cycle - 10mg per day - which I know is too low in many people's opinions! A brief background, I'm 6"2, early thirties and lb at the start of this cycle. I started at lb and made a lot of gains initially, but these tapered off a lot over time.

    I have been very guilty of sticking with the same routine long after I stopped making gains. I've learned a lot from this site, although have a lot more to learn.

    I've made good gains on my lifts. However, my mass wasn't really increasing - probably partially due to my food intake admittedly. I've always been hesitant to start taking AAS. After reading Samurai69's DBol training log quite a long read! I started on 5mg for two weeks and on the advice of others in a seperate thread, increased to 10mg. I'm on my third week of 10mg ED.

    I've really upped my intake - to g protein a day. I'm also taking plenty of water and Milk Thistle and Liv I also do 40 min cardio on my non-weights day. So far I've gained about 13lb. However, I'm still very happy with the gains. Finally, my goals are probably a lot more modest than many of you. I don't harbour any ambitions of competing or getting to BB size.

    If I can get to or lb I'm 6"2 with low bf and stay resonably fit, I'll be happy. I will post up before and after pics once I have finished the cycle - but they'll obviously be far less dramatic than others on here. I also realise I could get shutdown and have PCT ready.

    So - there it is - I know a lot of people will be dismissive of this because of the low dosage - but would be interested in people's thoughts and feedback. From what I understand, you're going to get shutdown anyway, so why not get your money's worth so to speak? Well - I was nervous about AAS and the sides. So I was interested in a lower dose if I could still get good gains.

    While I could still get shutdown, I think could be wrong its less likely on a lower dose? Reason for orals is I travel a bit and don't want to attract probs with needles although hackskii tells me you can get injectables that last a few weeks? Also, the missus isn't keen on AAS, so injectables would be a step too far! I myself am guilty of doing the same thing; it is rough to get yourself into a routine of something different. It is good you made a journal, this tracks your progress, and not only that but others can comment on their thoughts on what you may, or may not endorse for an aid in your journey.

    Remember you are only dabbling with gear, 10 mg of d-bol is not that much but as long as your endogenous test is firing, and you add exogenous d-bol then values will be high. It is when exogenous doses of d-bol, hinder endogenous levels of testosterone that low dose d-bol will be couter-productive. Thank - appreciate the feedback. Will update once I get towards the end of the cycle or if there are any probs or questions.

    Personally I would up the dose to a day, you will see shut down even at 10 and not reap as many of the benefits and sides too perhaps as you would on a higher dose My aim is to get gains I'm happy with, while taking the least possible amount of AAS that will give me those gains.

    While the risks may be low - taking 25 to 30mg would be 2. That has to mean there is a greater chance of sides? I have had virtually no sides so far a few small spots - although, I know its quite possible I would still have no sides on 25 or 30mg? And I may have to increase to this level in a future cycle to get the same good gains? From what I understand, and you have Hacks guiding you it seems so he will know better than me, in laymans terms, once you introduce exogenous test your body will think it doesn't need to make any of it's own and will stop, pretty much regardless of dose.

    That's why you do a PCT - to get your own test production firing quickly to keep the gains you made. As I've said above, I'm not claiming to be anywhere near an expert You might get a slightly greater incidence of sides at the higher level but tbh it shouldnt be that much more.

    You will shut down even at 10mg I dont think its an exponential thing re the sides ie you should not get 2. If you have had very little sides now then you should be ok I get a little water retention and of course the pumps but apart from that and the growth nothing I know it sounds paranoid and I know AAS are relatively safe, but for me personally, I'd really like to try to take as little as I need to get the results I'm aiming for.

    I'm not averse to taking more if I have to in future cycles if either this cycle doesn't prove very successful or if the gains taper at this dosage in future cycles. I notice 20mg of d-bol is pretty strong for me, in fact 20mg of d-bol made more gains than 50mg of winstrol. But, d-bol is not something I would like to take for very long, I feel it gives me problems with yeast. I know this is a bit random, but for some reason its the only thing I measured apart from my waist!

    Was in the US last week and diet wasn't ideal. Generally got to g protein a day my target , but made up of more protein drinks than normal.

    I deadlifted kg 3x3 for the first time - which is a nice milestone for me at least! Getting very near my max though. Bench press was 90kg never my strong point - equal to my previous max, but didn't feel as close to my max as on the deadlift. Because I'd taken my 10mg at 9am on Sunday and I didn't get to do weights until 1pm, I took a second 10mg at 12pm.

    Given the low dosage I'm on, I may take 20mg before my two sessions a week for the rest of the cycle to give an extra boost as I push through my previous maxes?

    So far I'm pretty pleased, I realise I won't keep it all, but 13lb seems like a reasonable gain so far? Again, this only comes from reading, but androgen receptors are most sensitive in a 'steroid virgin' body, meaning that your first cycle should be your most effective. For that reason, many try to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak. Of course, you could look at that in another way and decide that as a steroid virgin, you don't need much to help you grow.

    Worried that I'm getting too fat! Does that sound like a reasonable bf gain for a 14lb weight gain? Getting concerned I'm putting on too much bf! So yah, using the reverse there it looks like you have gained about 10 pounds of muscle and 4 pounds of fat.

    Just a quick one, and only my opinion, but is twice a week enough on the weights? I dont know the in's and out's of your workout but training that little cant be great for hypertrophy? Thanks - it will be interesting to see how much is fat and how much is water when I come off! Hopefully not too much is fat as I don't want to spend too much time cutting. On the other hand, I'm keen to get the most out of this cycle so want to make sure I'm eating plenty - hopefully I have the balance somewhere near correct!

    From what I've read, if you're a hard gainer without the genetic gifts some have, this type of routine can be very effective as it allows more recovery time and prevents over-training.

    Certainly this is what I've found - I've made very good gains on my lifts with each training cycle I had previously plateau'd on most lifts. So perhaps, even as a hard-gainer I could train more times per week? However, I knew that the Dual Factor Routine was working well for me - and also others on AAS have had success with it - so I thought if it ain't broke, don't fix it?

    Going forward, I suspect my body will adapt to the Dual Factor training approach and also, some people on here believe higher reps are necessary for body building - so I suspect I'll end up changing at some point in the coming months.

    The adaptive response to training is like rubbing sand in your hands, if you do it enough it will get raw. You could train more times a week, but if you are getting gains then I would do just what you are doing as it is working. If you decided to train more, you would have to lower your intensity and probably your volume, as frequency is more. But you cant go wrong with a good strength base in bodybuilding, I think for keeping and maintaining gains down the road this would be prefrence when starting out.

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    Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 7, Why such a low dose mate? Also why dbol and not test? Posted August 8, edited. Posted August 8, Not dismissive at all, if what you are doing yields success then you have done well. Proof is in the pudding…. Actually the lowest dose of gear to gain would be the best amount of gear to use. More is not better, same goes with training

    Dianabol Only Cycle - Results, Best Dosage and PCT

    low dose dianabol only cycle

    low dose dbol-only cycle

    low dose dianabol only cycle

    Low dose dbol only

    low dose dianabol only cycle