Steroid Injection After Hernia Operation

  • Steroid injections for pain
  • Left inguinal hernia repair -- It was great for a year - Urology - MedHelp
  • Steroid injections for pain
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    Steroid injections for pain

    steroid injection after hernia operation Chronic severe pain following inguinal hernia repair is a significant post-operative problem. Its exact cause and lack of evidence-based treatment path steroid injection after hernia operation problems in the effective management of this surgical complication. We retrospectively reviewed the records of patients diagnosed with chronic pain following open inguinal hernia repair between November and Novemberwho were under the care of the senior author. Over the five-year period, patients underwent inguinal hernia repair. At a median follow up of 45 months range: To conclude, chronic severe pain occurred in nine percent of patients following primary open inguinal hernia repair.

    Left inguinal hernia repair -- It was great for a year - Urology - MedHelp

    steroid injection after hernia operation

    Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Mental Health Anxiety Depression. Left inguinal hernia repair -- It was great for a year. I had a left inguinal hernia repaired via the open mesh procedure in December, I had post-operative pain that was significant starting in the recovery room. Doc had implanted a disposable pain pump device that was supposed to continuously infuse lidocaine via a catheter for a few days to relieve any discomfort.

    Was sent home from the hospital with a some lortab tablets for pain as well. That night, the lidocaine infuser failed and I was in terrible agony. The lortab pills did nothing. The next morning, called doc and he wanted to see me. My wife drove me over to his office 30 min away. Every pothole felt like I was getting kicked in the groin, hard. Doc confirmed that the infuser malfunctioned that rarely happens, right? He sent me home with two days of percocet 2 every 4 hours.

    That was not enough and had to get a refill script written for two more days worth. That did it for the worst pain. I followed by taking a couple more days with the left over lortabs. Then I was ok pain-wise advil was enough for the most part. This is all not too relevant to the reason for my post If you are doing this for the first time, forget the lidocaine infuser if offered After that - I was better than great - a new man for about a year.

    I mean things that had hurt me for years and years disappeared e. Like I said, a new man. I was so happy after enduring the surgery and felt the results to be excellent, exceeded all expectations. It was bad enough that I was considering going to the ER but decided to tough it out until I could go to a "doc in the box" walk in clinic in the early morning to save some money.

    The pain was so bad for these hours that I could not sit still and often had to rock lying in the fetal position. Just as I was about to get up and go to find medical attention, the severe pain abated but I immediately felt that familiar hernia type pain pain in my side radiating down to my left testicle. Just as when I first sought treatment for the hernia, most pain would relieve over night after laying down Even my low back ache returned.

    When I returned from my business trip, thinking the hernia had recurred, I called my surgeon and made an appointment. Upon examination, he said that he could not feel a hernia Then for the following months, I was subjected to the following "non-invasive" attempts to deal with this: This was negative on the diverticulitis but I did have a kidney stone but it was on the wrong side from the pain - guess I have something to look forward to some day.

    After the "easy" steps, doc suspected nerve issues with scar tissue terms like meshoma, neuroma, etc were used. The next treatment was a series of injections of Maricane long acting lidocaine mixed with Betamethasone steroid. The shots are very painful but I was "comfortably numb" by the time I left the office each time - this not hurting feeling lasts 12 hour or so, then it wears off.

    None the less, the injections make me feel nauseous and sick for a few hours so after the first time, I had my wife drive me for the injections. For the next few days, there is significant injection site pain and hernia type pain. Then gradually, starting on the 7th day or so, the hernia pain becomes less and less on a daily basis and becomes more like pressure only by the end of the day, when untreated, it would worst - the injections help.

    This lasts for about 3 weeks. Then, by day, I quickly return to "normal" i. Activity like working in the yard , speeds up the process. I will say that it is a good sleeping pill but has had little tangible affect on the pain. He said it will work within a couple weeks, or not at all.

    If not, there is nothing else non-surgical to try other than continuing injections. I am staying on the Elavil for the time being, as well. At his recommendation, I have now scheduled a second hernia surgery for mid-December.

    Besides, I 'm sick of this and really can't bear any more groin injections. That is just almost inhumane. Find where it hurts worst, then stick a 3" need in it. The plan is to: Has anyone had similar experiences?

    It will be interesting to see what the real solution is it could be a mesh problem as many on here have had. But I had a really good year after the initial repair; have been told that mesh problems tend to present early-on.

    My money is on a hernia recurrence that can't be detected by feeling for it because of the mesh repair. But, my doc says the nerve entrapment is statistically more likely the issue but a recurrence is entirely possible.

    The sudden onset of all this is one reason for such suspicion on my part. I would have thought if it was nerve entrapment that it would have come on more gradually not like turning on a light switch. I hope this information helps someone I'll plan on posting an update after my exploratory surgery. In the meantime, if anyone has similar experiences or thoughts on what is going on with me please share them.

    Hopefully I won't have to go through that, I'm only 18 and I have inguinal hernia on my right testicle. Not much pain right now but the right testicle seems to be filled with fluid and I can feel the hernia behind it and see the bulge.

    Going in for surgery very soon. Scared about it after reading so much about people's bad recoverys. Hope your doing better with yours. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a blocked spermatic cord on my left side. Seven months I was taken to emergency with a hernia , which they operated on. I am now going through everything you have described. I have been to several different doctors and hospitals but keep telling me they can't find anything wrong with me.

    An ultrasound couldn't see the blocked cord , that we know for sure is there as the surgical staff came to see me and told me the next morning , so what else have they missed.

    I'm furious that nothing was done about it , or no one was called to examine it while they were in there. I'm still waiting , after 3 years to see a urologist. The pain that runs through my lower abdomen testical, back and around the wound area is incredible. I can't take much more of it. Sex is almost out of the question as well.

    I think sometimes they need to look somewhere else. I'm normally fit and active but this has slowed me down so much. I'm even turned off going back to doctors now as no one seems to do anything about it. I am sure if I ever get to see a urologist this could be fixed. All I can do is wait I'm told. I realize this was all taking place a few years ago but I am having all the same symptoms after a one year inguinal hernia repair.

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    Steroid injections for pain

    steroid injection after hernia operation

    NORTH PENN HERNIA INSTITUTE: Nerve Block/Steroid Injection for Chronic Pain After Hernia Repair

    steroid injection after hernia operation

    Pain control following inguinal herniorrhaphy: current perspectives

    steroid injection after hernia operation