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    Tbol only cycle

    how long tbol only cycle By jkearns21January 30, in Steroid and Testosterone information. Playing how long tbol only cycle, and cardio wise and staying lean i think tbol will be best suited. HCG throughout cycle is a contentious one. I ran vycle during both my cycles of Tbol, as did others on here. But we are probably heavily outnumbered by those who didn't bother!

    7 Reasons to Choose a Tbol Only Cycle ~ Anabolicco

    how long tbol only cycle

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    Our tests include Sports Hormone checks, testosterone, iron status, cholesterol and more. Essentials Only Full Version. Hiya mate, a friend of mine is doing a Tbol only cycle. He has similiar stats to you and around the same sort of strength. Like you this is his first cycle and a bit of a test the water course. He is currently doing 80mg per day for 6 weeks. His PCT is a standard Nolva protocol.

    Just coming into week 3 and so far gained 6 pounds and strength is beginning to kick in. IMO, 8 weeks is an absolute maximum for any oral cycle. I would personally run the same amount throughout the course aswell. Whether that be the 50mg you mention or a higher amount. Tbol is decent med to run solo. I would go with the 50mg for 8 weeks option. Thanks for the reply chaps. I think I will go for 50mg for this course. Nothing stopping me upping this next time, will keep 50mg ed throughout too. Anybody got any experience of this cycle?

    Also I'll post up my results after 8 weeks to let others curious know what to expect. Yes, I rate tbol, excellent as a standalone and drier than dbol but still with decent strength and pumps.

    Haven't run it for a few years now tbh but would use it again in the future. Have been training 9 years. Over this time have gone from 10st 10lbs to where I am now. This will be my very first cycle to dip my toe in the water so to speak. I have x10mg Tbol plus Nolva and clomide for pct and was after a little guidance as to dosage. Some people say 40mg ed and others use as high as mg ed. I was thinking 40mg ed for 2 weeks then 60mg ed for 6 weeks followed by standard PCT.

    Reason being the first 2 weeks will let me see how the body responds to them but will still be enough to see gains. Would this be ok? Go with 40mg ED and don't take any on Sundays. And PCT if you have to do it. I haven't done it in years. Surely consistant blood levels are more important are they not? What if I told you, "Take Saturday and Sunday off from the meds"? Don't you attend church on Sunday?

    It's there to give the liver a bit of a break and blood levels at a 24 hour or even a 48 hour rest period will not affect your muscles when you go back to the gym on Monday. I do it all the time. What lab you running? I need to buy some soon. Post up results when you can finish always interesting reading about people cycles. Thanks for all the replies. I not sure about taking Sundays off I've not heard of people doing that and will this not result in a lull in blood levels?

    TooBig, my friend is using Med-tech, weight is going up consistently hopefully strength to follow in following weeks.

    It's fine that's why I asked you and don't take any days off. Thanks mate was thinking of MT and you just made up my mind. WildCat is a good lad to use as well pal.

    Did 8 weeks at mg last year and gain FA. I just don't understand most of you so-called learned steroid users. You think just because you've done a few cycles and did your PCTs that you all here know all there is to steroid usage. I'll bet no on this forum ever injected over 5,mg.

    Some guys can't even put together a decent cycle without whining about. I still have my balls, no gyno, and I get rock-hard erections which you guys have to chase HCG, clomid, and nolvadex.

    One day I mixed sustanon, omnadren, deca-durabolin, and SuperTest in a 25ml. I did this for 2 years looking for signs of gyno, acne, balls shrinking no ill effects except substantial muscle gain. I started out at lb. With the help of the drugs, my weight went up to lb. Well gents, I'm going mix up 3 syringes for the rest of the year and I bid you all adieu.

    Doctor Drake I just don't understand most of you so-called learned steroid users. Create an account or sign in to comment. Homercles Pro-Member Total Posts: Dynamo New Member Total Posts: London United Kingdom Status: Did 8 weeks at mg last year and gain FA "If you think that you will die from using roids, chances are you're more likely gonna die of being retarded"

    tbol only cycle - Steroid and Testosterone information - UK Muscle Bodybuilding Forum

    how long tbol only cycle

    Turinabol only cycle opinions

    how long tbol only cycle

    Tbol only cycle results

    how long tbol only cycle