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  • East German/DDR Working Line German Shepherd: 9 Most Important Facts
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  • DDR German Shepherds :: East German Shepherd | Working K9
  • East German/DDR Working Line German Shepherd: 9 Most Important Facts
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    East German/DDR Working Line German Shepherd: 9 Most Important Facts

    east german shepherd working dogs We listed and summarised the other lines in our guide on east german shepherd working dogs germam German Shepherd types. Even if you come across a well regulated bloodline, some programs are starting to move away from the original mold of the line to introduce new characteristics. Find that hard to believe? Gavel was probably picked to go through the police puppy training shspherd because of his working line bloodlines — most likely East German Working line ancestry. How did he turn out? He side effects steroids cats too nice!

    Hausbende :: German Shepherd Dogs

    east german shepherd working dogs

    This breed is popular in Russia where it entered a public culture and acquired a legendary status as an extremely smart and loyal dog devoted to their owners.

    The breed is well known in other ex-Soviet Union republics. In the West, the East-European Shepherd is a rare breed that is not well known: Along with a short coat of dense fur, they have strong but not coarse bones and well-developed muscles. Their coat is medium in length with a well-developed undercoat. The standard colors for these dogs include saddled that can be saturated to give an almost black-and-tan or black-and-red appearance with a black face mask and solid black.

    Well defined sable gray and sable red are acceptable colors. The head of an East European Shepherd is of a 'wolfish' appearance, resting on a long neck in rather massive collar fur; it is proportional to the rest of the body. It is triangular and wedge-shaped with a slightly rounded forehead. The muzzle is equal in length to the skull, and the lower jaw is well developed.

    With large teeth in full complex and powerful jaw muscles, the dog is capable of a very strong hold and scissor-cutting bite. Their ears are medium in size and pricked. Their eyes are medium, oval, and dark, with close-fitting, well-colored eyelids. Their backs are straight, strong, wide, and long. The loins are long and wide, well-muscled and slightly arched. Their croup is wide, long, and slightly sloping towards the tail.

    The tail is long, bears thick fir, erected in a form of a sword when the dog's excited. The chest is moderately wide, while the belly is reasonably tucked up. The chests are scimitar in form, reaching the hocks or slightly longer in some cases. The legs are strong and straight; feet are oval and compact. The dog's pace is of a trotter, rather than of a skid, sliding just above the ground so typical to other German Shepherds' cousins.

    The East European Shepherd is balanced, confident and intelligent. VEO is an attentive, active, self-assured dog that appears calm and quiet but constantly monitors situation and is ready to "turn on" on owner's command.

    The East European Shepherd has an active defensive reaction, distrusts strangers and can be aggressive when needed but under no circumstances it should be inclined to unmotivated aggression. VEOs excel as K9 and personal protection guard dogs or as companions.

    East European Shepherds are working dogs and need a regular exercise. They were bred for their intelligence and they are curious and quick learners. Their ability to withstand extreme climates allows them to live outside, as well as inside, in a house or an apartment.

    They perform well as hunting dogs and can work as draught dogs in a group of the same. One of the main reason for development of VEO was to get rid of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia , a common disease in German Shepherds. Due to the large and open nature of their ears, East European Shepherds are not prone to ear infections.

    They live 10—14 years. The breed was created in s as a working dog adapted for service in the Army and police as guard dogs and sniffer dogs in various climatic conditions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    DDR German Shepherds :: East German Shepherd | Working K9

    east german shepherd working dogs

    East German/DDR Working Line German Shepherd: 9 Most Important Facts

    east german shepherd working dogs

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    east german shepherd working dogs