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    east german ak 74 furniture German and Yugo Walk Into a Bar Expensive bayonet So what furnithre a good E German kit to look for? Help me with lower handguard identification East German 5. Mki hand guard refinish was there east german ak 74 furniture 15 in oval arsenal in east germany that made mags or is it a proofmark? East German barreled kits? Please help ID these. East German folding stock varients Concerning E.

    East German ak 74 stock set - The AK Files Forums

    east german ak 74 furniture

    English language content relating to Germany. Englischsprachige Inhalte mit Bezug zu Deutschland. Looking for East German AK74 furniture self. I'm a bit of an airsofter back in Holland, and I intend to build an East German kit for autumn and winter. Strichtarn is quite good for that. Not a problem, I'd think. But for the real look I'd like to take it a step further and install original bakelite East German furniture on it. But everything I've found is in the US.

    So, I wonder if any of you handsome rogues know a place where I can find this in the EU. Stock, upper and lower handguards, and the grip seperately are appreciated too, but the complete set would be better. Is AK47 a gun also know as Kalaschnikow? And you want to make furniture out of it? So to say a Kalschnikow table, or bed? Maybe you just go to the east crimea, I guess you can get a Kalschnikow grave there We shoot 6mm biodegradable balls at eachother, either white or green-grey.

    It's not as much military re-enactment as it is gearing up like soldiers. Some go spec-ops to the max, but I assembled a full military kit. AK74 magazines made from bakelite are extremely common, as well as the pistol grips. Stocks and Handguards, well, i don't know about, but at least for the handguard bakelite makes sense, as it is very heat resistant. It's for an AEG, a 1: Heat's not an issue, and this is all cosmetic! But I do plan to get bakelite mags for it.

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    Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Yeah, not the most common of requests, but here I go. Want to add to the discussion? And what is Strichtarn? Is it the olive camouflage color from the ex GDR troops? I think they're interchangable. That second link looks like a goldmine.

    Thank you, you magnificent bastard! They specialized on this kind of stuff.

    East German [Archive] - The AK Forum

    east german ak 74 furniture

    Stock Set, East German AK, Plastic | Gun Parts Corp.

    east german ak 74 furniture

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    east german ak 74 furniture