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    east german shepherd breeders australia T hese dogs were trained for many different purposes but always demonstrated their full capabilities with complete success. The German Shepherd breed is the only breed that is totally devoted to demonstrate their skills in any situation. Our Grey Sable Wolf. Such a beautiful boy we often refer to him as our 'King Of The Pride' who produces beautiful pups. Recognized as one of the most sort germam Pure Black German Shepherds across Australia, she is just the complete package. Striking Dark Sable, his looks of intimidation are just one reason why his pups cykl boldenone i deca east german shepherd breeders australia.

    Schutzshep&Schutzdobe Kennels Australia

    east german shepherd breeders australia

    We have been training, competing and breeding for over 25 years as well as importing over 30 dogs, we are well aware of people's requirements and needs.

    The traits we breed for are extreme thick-nerve coupled with hardness. The drive we want are prey, food and fight drive. We use thick-nerved bitches with social aggression, enhanced prey drive in obedience and tracking and genetic drives for courage and fighting instincts required for Service and Sportdogs. Schutzdobe kennels has some of the best Workingline Dobermanns in the world resulting in waiting lists for puppies. A man with great interest in dogs and especially vicious creatures, loyal and devoted to their master but quite dangerous when confronted with strangers.

    Dobermann had various jobs throughout his lifetime. He started as a nightwatchman and between and worked for the Alderic court. According to an address book of , Karl Dobermann was an employee of the city destruction service and one of his jobs was catching of stray dogs. In those days dog meat had commercial value, but not all dogs were butchered, as sometimes Dobermann sold or used for breeding purebred dogs and those sharp and useful.

    We had a rented house which made the breeding of dogs impossible. In we moved to a place with some land and this enabled my father to breed dogs. Karl Dobermann had a bitch named Bismarck, which was later changed to Bisart when 'Rechnungsamtmann' Kromeyer advised that a dog should not be named after a respected statesman. Bisart was a bitch with a sharp temperament Dobermann admired. Mated to males with the same characteristics, she whelped puppies with a short, black and tan coat and some grey wool.

    Many had white markings on chest and feet. Because of their impressive type and spirit they were easy to sell to people who wanted a dog for protection. Dobermanns dogs made excellent sheep dogs and were also used for pulling carts. This included the cutting of ears and tail. Dobermanns other son Robert remembered: When a dead animal was found, my father had to burn it with petroleum.

    Keeping a guard dog was a necessity in his profession. I remember he owned a Pinscher like bitch with much grey wool: When bred to a Pinscher she welped Bisart, a big bitch with yellow markings. In Bisart's first litter were blue puppies and we called them ' Flourbags' Mehlsacke , because of their strange grey colour.

    People in Apolda feared the dogs bred by Karl Dobermann, who spoke of: They started talking of them as Dobermann's Pinschers' and this was generally accepted as the official name. Sitting at his feet, the dog described by many authors as "Schnuppe, a male of unknown background, castrated at nine months to make him easier to handle. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann A man with great interest in dogs and especially vicious creatures, loyal and devoted to their master but quite dangerous when confronted with strangers.

    German Shepherds – Of North East Victoria

    east german shepherd breeders australia

    Breeders Profile | Von Forell

    east german shepherd breeders australia


    east german shepherd breeders australia