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    hgh supplements bodybuilding forum Results 1 to 9 of 9. HGH supplements I need some help. I can't decide between 3 hgh boosters Here are the detalils for each one. Whey protein, calcium sulfate, magnesium stearate, redix astralagus, oriental ginseng, sarsaparilla, saw palmetto hgh supplements bodybuilding forum, guarana extract, kola nut extract, stearic acid. If anyone tried any other hgh booster i would be glad to have his review. The reason i'm using a hgh booster is for height and muscular gain.

    does hgh supplements work? - online-casino-player.info Forums

    hgh supplements bodybuilding forum

    Results 1 to 28 of I read all the hype these supplement companies put in there literature and most of it tells how great HGH is but nothing about the actual product I already know real HGH works. I am aware that HGH cannot be taken orally and it is to large of a molocule to be absorped through the lining of the mouth.

    So if anyone has found anything that works please tell me! Aminos have the same effect as those HGH supps, glutamine consumption can release growth hormone, so just take that instead of wasting your money on those. Lifting weights makes me happy. Sleep, ZMA, that would be about it. Even those are minimal compared to the real thing.

    Any supplement claiming to increase HGH is relatively bogus. I have been using a combination of glutamine and arginine 2 grams of glutamine and 5 grams of arginine powder nightly and in the morning. I was just trying to find something that tastes better; arginine tastes terrible!

    I have mixed it with gatorade, whey protien and creatine HP it still has an nasty taste. Any suggestions on something to mix with it to improve the flavor? There really is no way to mask pure arginine's taste,I've tried several drinks with it with no luck.

    Btw,th best time to take arginine in high amounts is pre-workout on an relatively empty stomach,it will amplify the normal release of GH due to lifting. Overall the best way to release GH is to get a sound night's sleep and eat some casien protein with some fat flax or peanut butter before bed.

    Just be sure to take s litle carbs in as possible with that last meal because carbs put a choke on nightly GH release to a fair extent. If you are bulking, I would much more strongly suggest getting in those calories before sleep rather then worrrying about a GH spike, which I have never heard to be effected by carbs in sleep.

    Carbs will always suppress growth hormone production. That is why you take your postworkout drink after your workout when your growth hormone has hit its peak and with the combination of the high testosterone and the carbs releases IGF In sleep growth hormone rises fast in the beginning of sleep so you don't want carbs before sleep.

    Protein and flax is all that you need. Where are you getting information that testosterone is high after a workout I don't mean to talk like you don't know anything, so please don't take it that way. I got all this info from the gaining mass book musclegaintips. Trust me i know what im talking about, on both the testosterone and growth hormone. I'm not saying that you don't, but it is a well documented fact that test levels go down during the course of a workout.

    This is why many ph suggest using them before workouts, not just because of their possible strength benefits. Secondly, Both I and Par suggest that prebedtime I'm gonna make up that word is the most important meal of the day BigCat was sort of a stickler on no carbs before bed because of the fat gaining properties that were possible.

    I disagree for the hardgainer's perspective. I think prebedtime carbs are nearly as important as protein. Complex, slow digesting carbs are important for the energy needed to sleep, which can be all the way up to 90 calories per hour.

    No where have I ever read that carbs halt HGH production. I'm not saying it is impossible, and you are unearthly wrong, but I would love to know how that is possible and how it could be effecting it like that. No testosterone hits its peak at 60 minutes! After that cortisol rises signifcantly and benefical hormones start to decrease. Thats why you get in and out as fast as possible in an hour or so. I am a hardgainer but growth hormone is suppressed in high insulin so therefore when it peaks in the first couple hours of sleep you better have low insulin, thus no carbs before bed.

    Im not sure how beneficial this growth hormone spike is though, but thats the reasoning behind no carbs before bed. What have you noticed in difference between having carbs before bed and not before bed, muscle wise??? I was just curious to know if you noticed any difference. Im thinking that maybe having the growth hormone will basically keep the fat off and instead increase muscle growth.

    That is why you ease up on carbs in the evening and night. Last edited by pjorstad; at Well if the guy's point was that it was the insulin spike that was causing the HGH slowdown, it is new to me.

    Prehaps I should check on that with one of my professors. Anywho, if it is the insulin spike that causes it, then a person would be safe with carbs that don't cause these insulin spikes, which would be the types I would suggest anyway.

    Things like oatmeal, honey, and low sugar cereals. From experience standpoint, when I don't have my nightly meal, i must be cutting.

    If I have nothing but protein before bed, you can bet I'm cutting fat. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to cut fat simply by sleeping, but I guess I can. I also know someone at the gym that had been having trouble gaining weight until he took my suggestion of adding a good solid meal before bed that consisted of pretty much everything except simple sugars. Gains started almost "overnight".

    Not really that dramatic, but gains absolutely increased within the time of one week. There is something to be said for that. I still stand by what i said but keep in mind that this person im getting my info from believes in clean gains.

    He believes in finding your optimum calories and making sure you don't eat too much or not enough. I think the concern is that you will put on too much fat. Would bread be ok before bed???

    If your taking calories how much carb calories before bed do you think would be enough??? I suppose that would depend on your current weight and metabolism. I usually take around 70 grams of carbs, along with grams of protein before bed. An example of my food would be a bowl of Grapenuts, skim milk, and a protein shake Good call, but I am going off line so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Thanks for your thoughts and info. I sure would wonder what Par's thoughts would be on this subject. I only take 20 grams of protein right now at my current calorie amount. Anymore and it seems to give me a slightly bloated feeling at night or doesn't all digest that well. Maybe 20 grams of carbs would be good.

    Perhaps it is the type of protein you are taking. Have you tried a few different kinds? Im doing casein powder right now but even with whey powder i could get it. I still am not gonna do carbs before bed because then it puts lots of fat on. I lose weight and strength without it. Youngunz i take glutamine at night which helps. Which has been proven over and over again to do nothing during bulking cycles. Hey y'all, In terms of GH gains ive been using 10 grams of Glutamine Peptides from Sports Science Research, which most supplement stores carry, right before bed, and stacking it with a product called Primo GH Stak, from a company called Nutrabolics, which I ordered online at www.

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    hgh supplements bodybuilding forum

    hgh supplements bodybuilding forum

    hgh supplements bodybuilding forum