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    Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. - Steroidology

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    Test,Deca and EQ

    test eq deca stack

    Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of What do your macros look like? Eating around calories or so. The carbs are'nt very high either but i am bulking right now. Most my carbs come from are wholewheat bread and pasta. Give me a chance to respond lol.

    Personally I use deca or equipoise interchangeable as the main anabolic on top of a test base. I usually start out with two and add in the 3rd somewhere in the middle to bring the cycle back to like. Why the two anabolics at once on top of the test base? I'm thinking the two long esters of deca and eq being that they take long to kick in.

    Why start half way if deca needs to be ran for 12 weeks to get optimal results from it as well as the EQ. Running the eq longer being as there is very little to no aromitization and was planning on cuttin at end of cycle.

    I'll take your advice if you tell me this is a bad decision, i'm sure you have more experience than i do with cycling as i only have a few cycles under my belt, spread apart by years. I'm guessing you might have experienced some negative sides running a cycle like this? I'm here to learn so i'm listening, i'm not one to not take advice from someones personal experiences. Don't want to waste gear either, so I could put it aside. I'd get some HCG Don't know your cycle experience or if you have used EQ before Up the adex if you are holding too much water.

    Originally Posted by manickanuck. Originally Posted by VictorZ I'll ask the wife when she wakes up lol. I was on tren but had a blended mix so i dropped it.

    Running Test, EQ and Deca | online-casino-player.info

    test eq deca stack

    test/eq/deca bulking cycle opinion

    test eq deca stack

    20 Weeks Test-Deca-Eq cycle

    test eq deca stack