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    deca germany job Thermo Fisher Scientific — Langerwehe. Job Description Job Title: Associate Product Manager Reports To: Analytical… assisting the Product Managers with product lifecycle activities Maintain and manage data in internal product databases and Ensuring…. Expedia Deca germany job Partner Associate III - 12 months maternity cover Expedia is currently looking for action-oriented, deca germany job operations will be an asset. Experience with Microsoft Office products and various call centre support programs. Morgan — Frankfurt am Main.

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    deca germany job

    Started by jwlamb83 , 3 Feb Posted 3 Feb I came to Germany a few months ago and was denied a work permit So I returned to the United States to try my venture over again Will I need to apply for one after securing employment?

    Does it fall into the SOFA? I have been trying to research and coming up more confused Posted 4 Feb Well I should fall into list 1 since I am a Dis-Vet with a 10 point pref.

    So 1 figure that should I be offered a job I can then fly over Sounds like your borderline desparate to hire on with the commissary. Or is it that you want to come to Germany really badly? Maybe it can provide the info you are looking for. Well the commissary is not the number 1 place on my list of places to work I have a daughter that is a German National living there. Without having a BA getting a resident and work permit seems next to impossible On a side note: Posted 5 Feb First time poster here.

    I'm glad to be included in the on-line community. I hope to contribute and gain insight. I've been trying for awhile to gain employment in Garmisch-Partenkirchen first choice or Bayern in general. I took a military hop to Garmisch last summer and talked with folks at the kaserne there about how to get a job over in Garmisch. One of the folks I talked with was the commissary manager who told me just about everyone else has hiring priority over me.

    I constantly check usajobs. I have learned a few things through the process so far that may be worth noting. One of my acquaintances is a high level US goverment Human Resources manager.

    He advises to put lots of information in the usajobs resume you submit to include dates of employments and hours per week at those employments. He says to make sure your resume reflects the things in your abilities that match the job description. Also, you may want to consider the DoD schools for employment also listed on usajobs. I applied for two of those positions and was actually approved should some kind of job open up.

    I called and talked to the HR person there who said they get a pool of qualified applicants together and pull from that should a position open up. You should also be on the lookout during the Christmas season again usajobs.

    That job typically lasts three months and you get base privilges. A temp position such as that in-country might give you enough time to network and find something more permanent. At least that's the strategy I'm pursuing at present. I'm diligently working hard at a Pimsleur German course just in case. If staff leave their positions they are being filled with staff from other bases. Same with the Post office at least all of those here in Stuttgart, where the mail pick up has gone to reduced hours and the postal part is down to two days a week opening.

    That kinda makes sense Nicole. Earlier this year there was a posting on usajobs. I applied and received notification I met the requirements. One week later I got a notice that all four positions were cancelled. Must be some reorganization took place. I have a search agent for those but all I'm seeing are part-time positions. I can make a go of it as all I need for living arrangements is a room with WC. Once estabished, I can bring my wife over. I don't believe one could be so lucky as to obtain two part-time positions there from here in the US.

    One thing I was thinking of doing if I should be so fortunate as to obtain a part-time gig is to teach magic and do some birthday party magic. I've taught magic classes here in the US before and did some shows in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt decades ago.

    I believe the key for folks like me is to obtain employment under the umbrella of the US forces to offset the expenses of living on the local economy and then to network and do side-jobs once in-country. Garmisch is "THE location" my wife and I want to live at and so I may be reducing my chances for any employment by focusing purely on that location. A friend of mine who just retired from an assignment at Ramstein recently suggested obtaining employment elsewhere in Germany with the hope of eventually transferring to Garmisch once a job opens up.

    A good idea but I haven't pursued that strategy much yet. My alternate is to vacation in Germany 3 months a year but that just isn't plausible financially.

    I hope there's more discussion on this thread as I am learning info helpful to my situation. Thanks to all for input. Seems like there is one almost daily out of BWI. Could cut down on your travel costs. There is a link there to sign up on-line for hops. That's how I flew to Munich last year.

    Free is a good price as I see it. I pass this info to you so you can sign up now in order to have some seniority at roll call if you do get word to travel to GE and need to get there quickly and economically. The sign-up is good for 90 days, then you have to do it all over again but the flight price is worth the effort IMHO. Posted 6 Feb So the chances of getting hired have gone from very slim, to almost none at all.

    The way I understand it is that Disabled Vets should be given preference when qualified for the position above even Military spouses in the local area. It would seem to be more of a headache dealing with OPM and such denying an eligible veteran. The veteran has 15 days from the date of notification to respond to OPM.

    OPM then decides whether to approve the pass-over based on all the facts available and notifies the agency and the veteran. Well I guess for now we both are on the same kind of mission. I am trying to find suitable employment in the Nurnberg area. Just looks like it will be an uphill battle getting there, but one I cannot afford to give up on.

    I will try some of the things suggested here and look forward to more suggestions. Like to thank everyone who's helped so far and thank anyone who can weigh in on this conversation in the future. I have another suggestion for you. However, if you go this route, you'll probably not ever be eligible to apply for the types of jobs you are now considering I hope someone who knows more about this can weigh in. If you can get shared custody of your German daughter, you can apply for a regular German residence permit as the parent of a minor German child that automatically includes an open work permit.

    This option is, however, contingent on you having ein geteiltes Sorgerecht. Well I was never put on the Birth Certificate for my daughter. My ex wife kept that from me It could be that the manager didn't know that piece of info. I certainly did not know that at the time but do now thanks to you.

    You're trying to go because you need to go. I'm trying because I desire to go. Never had any luck with it and recall reading a vet article maybe NCOA periodical by an angry government HR manager vet about certain US government human resources offices bragging in some HR publication about their ability to legally circumvent the VRA rules in order to specifically not hire vets. Hopefully not nowadays but I doubt it. Good luck and if I find something helpful, I'll post.

    You may want to do some Facebook research to see if there is anyone at your desired location who can tell you the most up-to-date situation. Some installations have an active retiree council with a Facebook page. Most of those guys and gals are friendly and tell you the real deal without sugar coating. I found a hiring manager a few months too late last year who had a LN temp position at Garmisch being, in essence, a barracks mom taking care of a transient facility under a German contract--he was looking for an ex-US military person who spoke military and knew the military culture.

    I made contact much too late so a missed opportunity there. That was one of those "who you know" situations. Government bureaucracies are a real pain but close study often reveals ways to maneuver within the system. The German route mentioned above deserves close scrutiny if your top priority is to get over there because of your child.

    Take whatever you can get for starters--the proverbial camel's nose under the tent, so to speak. AFAIK according to German law, a woman's husband is always considered the legal father of her child regardless of paternity unless legal measures have been taken go prevent this. Were you still married at the time of your daughter's birth?

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    deca germany job

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    deca germany job

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