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  • 100mg of proviron doing naff all.
  • recommended proviron dosage and overall cycle critique
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    100mg of proviron doing naff all.

    proviron 150 mg By crockett85June 5, in Steroid and Testosterone information. Faaaaar too much imo, it will free up some test, probabley gain you a few rape charges but Ive used up to mg for fertility reasons and that was enough. What are you wanting to get from it all as if its lean proviron 150 mg fat deca realty application your robable better off proviron 150 mg winny or t. I have used mg per day trenbolone acetate kura in when me and prviron wife was trying for our second child it was great for sperm but did jack for both strength or muscle gain. If anyone has seen the "v" episode with Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, you'll know what i mean

    recommended proviron dosage and overall cycle critique

    proviron 150 mg

    User Name Remember Me? Proviron is a steriod that is a strong androgen which does not aromatize into estrogen. It is clinically used to treat various types of sexual dysfunction. Albeit it is a strong androgen, the anabolic effct of it is considered too weak for muscle building It is primarily used as an anti- estrogen, simialar to Arimidex, though less profound.

    This is a sufficent amount to prevent gynecomastia You may combine this with Nolvadex or clomid when healvily estrogenic steriods are being taken Actually I think what he wrote is a sticky from a website.

    I just read a site that has almost the same wording. If this is true dont do it again unless you post a link to it or you give credit to the person that wrote it. Satisfaction is when you believe you can no longer be successfull, and no longer want to strive for more. I am not satisfied, and never will be".

    I would only take 50mgs a day and mgs of nolva if you do both. I like Proviron 4 tabs a day turns you into superman. Bro just use it with nolva to get rid of the gyno it will help! The information shared is for learning purposes only. The Administrators, and Moderators of this site are not liable for any injury caused by the misuse of any chemical used for bodybuilding purposes.

    Mesterolone Proviron is a mild aromatase inhibitor that has some added benefits. It is a dihydrotestosterone derivative that is a all purpose type drug that is primarily prescribed nowadays to treat impotence and as a fertility drug. Another use is to enhance the effect of testosterone as frees it up. This does not work as good in practice as it does theory but it does work well with other mentholated items.

    Also running it with highly suppressive compounds Nandrolone Decanoate, Trenbolone. This drug is especially effective as a anti-estrogen when combined with a small amount of nolvadex. Some should always be kept on hand for emergency of the gender relations kind.

    This is a dihydrotestosterone derivative so the same sides apply, high blood pressure and the like. Please note that overuse of Proviron could cause a bad case of sexual over stimulation and in some cases continuous penis erection.

    In reality this is not funny and can require surgery to relive the erection. The effective dosages of proviron start at 25mg and range as high as , with 50mg being the standard dosage for most things. I'm going crazy with three a day 75mg let alone a dose of 10 mg. I am a personal fitness trainer and a nutrition specialist so I better know what I am talking about If I ever post something that is not mine I will certainly name the author Last edited by spidey; at I am actually clean and have been for about months.

    I have been bitchy as of late because there is a lot of nebies that just came to the board and are posting stupid stuff. Also I appoligize if I offended you bro we had someone that copied statments off websites and posted them on as if there were his.

    Nice info bro and thanks for clarifing that. I did 25mg x 3 daily and never had this problem! It could also depend on the length that you run it right? Just want to make sure, so I am more knowledgeable on this. The more knowledge the better. I took it at 75mg ED and felt horny as hell when I saw a woman. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

    Add Thread to del. Founding Member Join Date: Superior Newbie Join Date: Originally posted by giveitup Proviron is a steriod that is a strong androgen which does not aromatize into estrogen. Superior Pro Join Date: Originally posted by GreekTank I like Proviron 4 tabs a day turns you into superman. Originally posted by therock Yeah temporarly. Proviron has been proven to lower natural test if given in dosages mgs or more a day. Superior Admiral Join Date: Originally posted by giveitup thought it was commom knowledge Superior Amateur Join Date: I didn't see you say you were certified in AAS.

    Originally posted by spidey Actually, doses of to mg ed for as long as 12 months has been shown to have no effect on test levels, FSH or LH. It's a Journal of Gynocology article; I can look up the actual reference if you want. The only paper I have read that provided evidence for proviron suppressing the HPTA was using dosages of to mg ed. Originally posted by GreekTank That's impossible, everyone would be taking it on a daily basis if that was the case.

    Originally posted by stonecold54 why not? I love the stuff and I don't come off it if I don't have to. Originally posted by stonecold54 I didn't tell you to do anything I was just asking why not? Originally posted by stonecold54 whoops, lol.. I transposed a few words I can take a shot of prop and feel incredibly horny and in a few days I will be feel less horny but it doesn't mean that shot shut me down.

    Originally posted by GreekTank No prob, we are all bro's on this board. I agree shutdown is more extreme then just coming off a week of proviron. Originally posted by spidey That is a little unfair. You are in effect saying that unless you are an endocrinologist, you shouldn't comment on AAS? I think that would rule out I do have an extensive and sound client base that I draw on for experience on AAS Originally posted by giveitup no offense taken benchanimal Originally posted by Skyefire that doesn't mean that there aren't other side affects with it.

    There is always a trade off with any drug, you have to weight the risk vs the benifts. Originally posted by spidey I have never heard about limp dick syndrome with proviron. In fact, I have read that larger doses run the risk of priapism. That would really suck since they basically have to puncture your dick to release the pressure. Erections lasting more than 4 hours can be dangerous. There isn't any circulation of that blood causing the erection so when it runs out of oxygen, the surrounding tissue begins to die.

    Without treatment, the tissue of your dick will actually die: Originally posted by therock It could also depend on the length that you run it right? Originally posted by therock: What max dosage is safe from not getting this?

    Proviron, Proviron, and more Proviron!

    proviron 150 mg

    mg of proviron doing naff all. |

    proviron 150 mg

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    proviron 150 mg