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    Diebold Customer Service Phone Number | Contact Number | Toll Free Phone | Contact Address

    diebold atm customer service

    Work life balance , freedom to explore in 38 reviews. Great learning great benefits great people and happy clients in 46 reviews. There were lots of good people to work for in 33 reviews. Good benefits and very good prospects for promotion in 32 reviews. Some projects seriously lack work life balance in 29 reviews.

    My last lead and manager finally quit due to poor upper management in 41 reviews. Sometimes long hours and at times the job can get very stressful in 23 reviews. Poor management low employee morale low pay in 15 reviews. Associates report no raises for over 4 years in 13 reviews. Inclement weather, kneeling, lifting, carrying, some overtime.

    Great training, support and resources. There are opportunities for overtime but it isn't mandatory. There is room for growth at this company. Pay is far too low. It is nearly impossible to get promoted. The work schedule is awful and is made by a highschool educated team lead who gives his buddies Monday through Friday morning shifts and everyone else works nights and the evening shifts. Pay better, the money is there and available.

    Don't be afraid to tell corporate that people are quitting left and right because the pay is low it stagnant. Very good on employment pay and always alot of pay. Bring back job carrer opportunities and quit the lay-offs.

    Quality of work and request of overtime was great. To many employees complain of the over time, They should be greatly appreciatative of the employment that they contain. The benefits are good and they provide a company vehicle that you can take home. They issue you a company credit card so that you can obtain all the tools that you need to do your job and they cover the expenses.

    We don't get cash bonuses very often. Last year we got one but this year no bonus. The company has made some major changes in the last couple of years and they sold off the alarm services division, job stability concerns. The benefits are standard and decent.

    I enjoyed the work and my customers. You are provided with a vehicle, laptop, cell phone and credit card. You aren't micro managed and are able to run your own territory from your home. This was a wonderful job in the beginning but the last several years have become increasingly stressful. You can forget about any kind of promotion or raise. In 12 years I never got a promotion and the only raise you will get is an across the board cost of living increase but that was only happening every 3 or 4 years.

    They will continue to ask you to do more and more At the end I was the only one left from my team as those that left or retired weren't replaced. When I started, I covered about an hour and a half radius when I was on call. At the end I covered half the state when I was on call. Certain accounts require you to respond up to 11pm, so even it its 3 hours away you are expected to work all night even if you have already worked all day and have to work the following day. Now that I'm gone, my customers will have to wait days for service.

    Every week we would run out of overtime hours so we would just stop running service calls. So despite having a contract to provide service, we would just leave equipment down for a couple of days. Those calls would get ran regardless I don't think it's ethical to falsely represent yourself like that to get a business deal done but that's how ethical Diebold is.

    Meanwhile they've cut so many corners and running on a skeleton crew there may not be any customers or company left when it's all said and done. The first thing they said was there would be no retribution , but as you can see that's just one of many lies they tell you literally to your face.

    I was a service tech in a rural area for 12 years and always a good performer. I also worked on everything ATMs, drive-up, vault, alarm and camera equipment. My performance numbers and reviews were always good. Then one morning my manager showed up and talked about how the first quarter numbers weren't where they wanted them to be so there is going to be yet another round of layoffs and my number came up.

    He collected the company property, handed me a severance package and that was it. Worse part is I'm now stuck in this rural area as a home owner. I'm not from here I moved here specifically to take this position with Diebold and you can see where that loyalty got me. Irrelevant since you don't read this or listen to what anyone has to say anyway. Just know I know several retired Diebold employees who worked there decades and they are embarrassed and ashamed of how you have ran a once great company into the ground.

    Excellent training, good benefits package, great management, challenging position, local coverage area no overnight travel and reasonable hours.

    Great communication and support from fellow technicians. Only downside I found was that for work order assignments, tracking and closing the company supplied BlackBerrys.

    Seemed a little cumbersome and difficult to use due more to thee size of the unit not the capabilities. Company car Company phone Company laptop Paid training Hands on experience customers were great for the most part. Pay on the lower side No raises in years for techs Poor work life to family ratio Poor job security. I had over 10 years with this company and was discharged for no reason. I had good numbers and was given no reason other then restructuring for job loss. They keep the tech with little to no experience over a senior tech.

    It's happening all over the U. S with little to no press. They are straw bosses that only do why upper management tells them to do. They are unable to think on their own. Benefits including k, health, etc. Work load is just too much for the few techs available. No manager help at all, no opportunities to move up. Extremely long hours, constantly on-call, no incentives, no raises. Take care of your best employees because they do leave.

    Diebold had many Pros in the beginning. Essentially we are our own managers and that was a major factor in taking a pay cut to come to work for Diebold. The work culture is very team driven and when you have a good team everything is good. Being a remote technician was especially nice because I was able to make my own schedule most of the time.

    Diebold has changed over the years and to me the changes have not been wise. Technicians are told how valuable they are but yearly raises have been phased out. It is very hard to advance as well. Goals are set in place, with incentives but they are un-obtainable, and if you do obtain them the incentives are one time payouts, and your salary never increases. It seems to me that all the reasons I came to Diebold have been slowly stripped away.

    Management has slowly but surely added more work and stress to the job with no added benefits or pay. Being a remote tech I see things differently than management does and that is obvious. Management tends to focus on the bigger customers and what I have seen is that while big customers get all the attention, the small customer gets forgotten.

    Over the last few years, I have sold more products an equipment to the smaller customers and that being said, I have paid my on salary. Even with that accomplishment I have the worry of will I have a job come tomorrow. Because the current business practice is so micro-managed and inefficient, we have successfully lost enough business in my area that we are overstaffed, where 2 years ago we needed help. I have been very outspoken about my issues so I would tend to believe that my words here will have no effect as well.

    Advice in a nutshell, pay your techs what they are worth, make incentives worth trying to achieve and stop micro-managing and tracking as if every tech is a criminal. Do these things and you will achieve a workforce that wants to continue to wear The Diebold brand and I truly believe that Diebold will thrive again.

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    Support | ATM Maintenance & Repair Services from Diebold

    diebold atm customer service

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    diebold atm customer service

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