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  • Is a Dbol only cycle worth it?
  • Dianabol/DbolIs it worth it?
  • Is Dianabol worth it, or should I toss it. | The Iron Den
  • Is dbol worth it?
  • DBol advice. Is it worth it. - online-casino-player.info Forums
  • Side Effects Of DBOL Steroid

    Is a Dbol only cycle worth it?

    dbol worth it So in a little bit little less than a month im going to run a cycle of wprth and EQ. Now, i was planning on running dianabol with it as the oral For that extra push in gains and strength but didnt realise how high of an aromatization it has. Now i totally understand that i dbol worth it just run an AI with my cycle but dbol worth it that lower the effects of methandienone effects as well, if so worthh even run the dianabolos If im wrong in my thinking please ilet me know, thank you Read and tren prohormone pct it in. If you want some help pm me and I'll point you in the right direction, gear is a very small fraction.

    Dianabol/DbolIs it worth it?

    dbol worth it

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    Essentials Only Full Version. Is a Dbol only cycle worth it? I think so esp as a first time cycle. Good for seeing if it is indeed the way you want to go!!

    I put on over a stone but only kept about lbs, still a good gain for very little outlay IMO. Dont you think a first cycle of Dbol and Test E would be a better first cycle? You'll stop gaining after 4 weeks. Use it to kickstart, but use Test as your bread and butter. Anyhow, its too toxic for a long period ot time. Now I have run a injectable cycle and the gains have been far better, and it really isn't anywhere as much of a big deal as people think.

    It is ideal for people wanting a "dip a toe"! This is what i plan to do in a few weeks. Just wanted to see what sort of gains a Dbol only cycle would be like. Run the test from the start, 12 weeks is quite long, drop that to weeks. He is running the test from the start! Agreed tho 12 weeks is a long time for a first cycle! Ok, will cut it down to 10 weeks. Jord My first cycle was dbol for 4 weeks and it worked great Ditto.

    Took d-bol over 4 weeks and put on 7kg. What dose did you do daily then mate? Genics in my humble opinion dbol cycles are the best way to go first time. I want to gain a lot off my first cycle tho, well, as much as i can.

    Ive gained what people have gained on Dbol from Creatine, i would like to do a stack for my first cycle of Dbol and Test E.

    Just remember you don't need a frontload if you use dbol as a kickstart. I made great gains over 6 weeks taking If i remeber around mgs a day. I was at my strongest and put a lot of size on my chest. Gave me a great pump as well! Dbol is actually quite a good tissue builder and yes some of the gains can be retained. Joe go with mg iranian test 10 weeks, mg deca 8 weeks, 30mg dbol ed should grow like a weed. Create an account or sign in to comment. Joe Pro-Member Total Posts: I know that Dbol is mainly used for 'kickstarting' cycles, but my question is, is it actually worth it in your own opinions to do a Dbol only cycle.

    Those that have done them, how much did you gain and keep from a cycle? Merry Olympian Member Total Posts: Baywatch Pro-Member Total Posts: Jord New Member Total Posts: Genics Pro-Member Total Posts: Bondi Beach, Sydney Status: Taffy New Member Total Posts: Trident Pro-Member Total Posts:

    Is Dianabol worth it, or should I toss it. | The Iron Den

    dbol worth it

    Is dbol worth it?

    dbol worth it

    DBol advice. Is it worth it. - online-casino-player.info Forums

    dbol worth it