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    Endorsements - Capricorn Enterprise

    clenbuterol transformation youtube

    From the businesses I spoke to that received awards, they all felt very proud to have their achievements recognised. I especially think recognising those businesses that have been around for a while, and being around for any length of time over 20 years is an amazing success story, was a great thing to do. We have proudly put our plaque on the wall in our reception area. Mary you choreographed the event beautifully — you did it so well.

    It was a great celebration and for us wonderful to celebrate with staff and family. I thought you captured the essence of Keppel — the beauty, the essential point of difference and I hope the decision makers take note and plan to preserve what is so very special but makes Keppel truly unique. Thank you for including us Waterline Restaurant, Keppel Bay Marina , it was an honour to be the host of such a fun night and we have had so much great feedback.

    As a small, growing business, they have offered mentoring and professional development opportunities for our team to ensure our staff are growing with the business.

    Keep up the good work! Your passion and enthusiasm for the region is infectious and your incredible wealth of knowledge is admirable.

    From observing your relationships with some of your operators, I am sure they all appreciate your dedication and hard work that you do on a daily basis on their behalf. Please also pass on our heartfelt thanks to them all for looking after us so well and sharing with us some of the beautiful experiences you have to offer visitors. Looking forward to working with you again in the future. Fitzroy River Rockhampton flooding event.

    This is the third time I have had the pleasure to traverse the region carrying out one on one digital mentoring sessions to members with business owners and marketers at their business or home to support build their digital footprint. This experience has really highlighted to me once again the importance of the small business operator in our industry.

    Collectively it is experiences that bring out the best of a destination. Even more than that it is the people behind the experiences with their knowledge of regional history, authentic and eclectic personalities and passion my favourite of why they chose this destination and started their business here in the first place. I reveled in helping operators understand the importance of sharing their passion for their patch, the importance of sharing their stories through original content creation of how they started and why they love doing what they do to connect and attract visitors to the region FIRST, business second.

    This experience has also really highlighted there is significant skills gaps in digital and social media marketing knowledge and I commend and acknowledge Mary and the team from Capricorn Enterprise every single time for placing their members first and creating these custimised industry training and development initiatives.

    It was refreshing to work with businesses in a way that it is all about the individual member. The two ladies have increased my confidence and my learning today. Finally a message to the 17 Capricorn Enterprise members I met this week, each and every one of you are uniquely remarkable and I look forward to following, liking, commenting and sharing your experiences for years to come!

    During this process we have seen that the Economic Gardening Program from two years ago has heavily influenced the future projections, decisions and choices that we have made since attending the program. This has made a huge impact to our ongoing outcomes. This year we have decided to change the direction of our marketing.

    This has been a decision that is supported by metrics we have collected over the past 2 years. I would like to thank Capricorn Enterprise for the opportunity and acknowledge the difference this has made. I found the program interesting, thought provoking and challenging with each topic well prepared and presented. Since graduating from this course we have taken on board much of what I learned and believe it has added value to our business. Our club members were ecstatic at this result and we all wish to now express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your strong support as one of our referees.

    The standard of products and entries this year has again been extremely high. You and your staff can take considerable pride in being named a Bronze winner in a field of highly competitive Queensland contenders. This award is a reflection of the commitment to destination marketing shown by you and the team at Capricorn Enterprise, Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited and Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism, and I would like to thank you for your hard work and contribution to the tourism and events industry in Queensland.

    I note the important role Capricorn Enterprise plays in the region, and its commitment to collaboration, leadership and support. Over this time and under the inspired leadership and tenacity of Mary and her team I have seen their hard work and dedication result in the international and domestic market profile and brand recognition of the Capricorn region and Southern Great Barrier Reef destination lift to unprecedented heights.

    To my mind the overall performance of Capricorn Enterprise in support of their members, stakeholder and the wider regional community over the past six years or so has been exceptional and worthy of well-earned recognition and accolade. I would certainly like to thank Mary and her team for their on-going support of and focus on local industry development and most of all being an absolute dream to work with!

    Well done guys, great work! The Capricorn Enterprise team always delights me with their passion for the region and their members, their diverse skill sets, never failing motivation to keep on improving and growing business for the Capricorn region and their members but most of all for the sincere empathy they have for understanding the day to day challenges that their members face in business.

    They are a team of action always relentless in looking for opportunities and sourcing funding to assist them. The business development programs funded by Capricorn Enterprise that we have delivered over the past four years have included Yield Management workshops and mentoring, Domestic and International Trade Ready programs and in partnership with Capricorn Enterprise and Tourism Events Queensland a set of Experience Development and Leadership programs.

    During filming on-location and in the lead-up to our visit Mary and her team made everything come into place, involving the local community throughout. It was a pleasure working with Capricorn Enterprise and I look forward to working with them again in the future. That is only possible when you get participation from local organisations and over the last 6 years of publication the most proactive of the regional groups has been Capricorn Enterprise.

    Livingstone has long recognised that no Local Government can achieve on its own the outcomes that can be achieved by taking a united and collaborative regional approach. Capricorn Enterprise drives tourism and business growth in CQ by promoting the region as a desirable holiday destination across the region, state, nation and globe. Capricorn Enterprise also helps to diversify our local economy, grow jobs and encourage new industries to the region. Local tourism and our economy rely on the great work Capricorn Enterprise does.

    Capricorn Enterprise is a high profile organisation that engages with the Commonwealth on many of these important matters. The joint response to support industry following TC Marcia this year was an example of that partnership.

    There is also great potential in the continuing joint promotion of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and the range of experiences on offer. I congratulate Mary and the team on their five year anniversary and their leadership in promoting tourism in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region. We look forward to working closely with you in the future to deliver benefits for the local tourism industry in the period ahead.

    It is a credit to a regional organisation with limited resources to be so well respected amongst industry and government. This program, which runs until June , is delivering new natural attraction signage, welcome to town signage and State Strategic Touring Route signage on all of the State Strategic Touring Routes.

    The signage installed has received extremely positive feedback from the tourism industry and this successful project could not have been delivered without the incredible support, encouragement and collaboration of Capricorn Enterprise. They did a tremendous job in pulling all the industry together and it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project with Capricorn Enterprise.

    We could not have been happier. Statistics show increasing numbers employed in the GIA in the last 2 years. Well done Capricorn Enterprise.

    Our business has used this resource with positive results. The organization is a source we all need to utilize and support. This is an enterprise that works hard to bring real results and keeps putting the Capricorn region on the map.

    As a fellow member of Capricorn Enterprise, this is something we know firsthand and greatly appreciate. The recent School Holiday period was buzzing with people! The onflow to the community is huge. To lose one part of the whole would disenfranchise the rest. United and solid we must remain. One call to Capricorn Enterprise is a great time saver. The Economic Profile is a great tool, which also did not previously exist. A major international investor has been secured for the Capricorn Coast which has been hailed a key turning point for our destination.

    Emu Park businesses have come to the rescue for stranded backpackers travelling north. Prime Minister the Hon. Skip to nav Skip to content. Selling our destination to the world!

    Christian Guzman of YouTube natty? Or no? : nattyorjuice

    clenbuterol transformation youtube

    Best Steroids to Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs |

    clenbuterol transformation youtube

    37 Clenbuterol Cycle Secrets - And how YOU get Fast Clenbuterol Results -

    clenbuterol transformation youtube