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    Anavar Vs. Turinabol?

    turinabol vs anavar cycle Log in or What is dianabol cycle up. TMuscle acknowledges the use of AAS anabolic and androgenic steroids POMs prescription-only medicines and other performance-enhancing substances in bodybuilding today. It aims to provide reliable information on their safe administration, side effects and dangers. TMuscle does not approve or support the unlawful supply, possession or use of any drug. Interested in introducing one of these orals into a turinabol vs anavar cycle, but I'm having difficulty understanding how they work exactly, and can't find any information.

    Turinabol VS Anavar | online-casino-player.info

    turinabol vs anavar cycle

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    Our tests include Sports Hormone checks, testosterone, iron status, cholesterol and more. Essentials Only Full Version. Yeah will do, I haven't had any hairloss that I know of, no more shedding than normal, the odd hair, but I have reduced the dose as I say to 40gms a day, but I do love this stuff so far, strength way up, I have today got a large bruise on my pec, I had such a mad pump that I think I have ripped or burst something???

    It has made me a little more irritable, more horny and hunry all of the time, my diet is quite good, but still hungry after a large pizza etc, no fat gain only fat loss. I have lost about 3lbs of fat, but gained the same in lbm, looking harder as well. Ill keep you informed. Cycle plan is leans gains only, no bloat, not much fat. Like I said, I have lost several lbs of fat , but gained several pounds of lbm.

    Strength is increasing, bearing in mind that I din't loose any after var only cycle. Looking harder, fuller and more vascular. None of this with VAR. More irritable, easliy pissed off.

    But easy to control. No soreness after any amount of training. Appetite is through the roof, I am eating clean, occasional pizza etc, but I am eating more than ever.

    I hope I keep the gains after all this. Training wise, well my pumps hurt like they couldn't get any fuller. Got a large bruise on my pec , I think I have done some damage there, doesn't hurt but that the price we pay. The one thing I have used this cycle for is bringing up lagging body parts, so far it has worked a treat, no matter what I tried, no matter how heavy, I couldn't build traps, until now.

    Same with outer sweep on quads and outer bicips. I am going to step up the meals in the next 2 to 3 weeks, then drop them back down to low carb to cut up for Vegas. I will bump this if there is anything else to write Like all of my hair falls out with my itchy scalp!!!!!

    I hope this gives some help or info to those wanting to try tbol. Im planning for may a cycle with anavar 40mg a day do you think i should substitute it with turinabol? I started at 60mgs, but then had the head itch thing, so I am now taking 40mgs a day to see how that goes.

    As for strength, everyone is different, I will keep you informed, at the moment I just lift what I can, if I can go heavier I just go up on the rack. One thing I have noticed is joint type od dryness, I have a crappy shoulder anyone but this stuff hasn't helped, all my bones are cracking, but as they say as long as they are not hurting then cool. I am loosing bodyfat daily let me say. Var with creatine made me hold too much water, I also didn't have the hardening up effects everyone talks about.

    The gains were slow but solid. I am going to increase my carb intake for the next two weeks becuase the carbs I am taking in at the moment I am still loosing b. I am not too concerned with that only 2 weeks in. I will be at the end but that is why I have got 2to3 weeks of cutting, this phase is bulking.

    I will keep you all informed. The aim of the anavar n trib is one to make sure my natural test is back and good but also to try and hold onto the strength gained from dbol 20kg added to the bench press in under 6 weeks!!

    If you have a high hairline already and think you may speed up the process, I would stay clear of test. Maybe Khany can tell you of a decent injectable that cannot affect the hairline or MPB etc if there is one out there.

    Well as far as I know if your pre disposed to MPB test will make if worse, plus you will get all of the other nasty sides possibly as well, acne, hair is places you dont want it etc etc. Create an account or sign in to comment. Is 50mg Anavar better than 50mg Turinabol?

    Tbol vs anavar gains

    turinabol vs anavar cycle

    My Tbol and Anavar Cycle Log and Results

    turinabol vs anavar cycle

    Anavar vs turinabol solo cycles

    turinabol vs anavar cycle