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    My first sustanon cycle..

    first steroid cycle sustanon Clean Variations Snatch Variations. Supplements Info Supplements Discussion. Produced by Organon, Sustanon is a popular anabolic which contains a distinctive blend of four Testosterone esters, delivering a unique, staggered first steroid cycle sustanon of the hormone after injection. Our Sustanon cycle guide takes a closer look at figst renowned Testosterone blend, including popular cycles and stacks. In the same way Testosterone propionate and Testosterone enanthate both deliver the clenbuterol use in australia first steroid cycle sustanon anabolic hormone - Testosterone; the same is true for Sustanon As explained in our Testosterone cyc,e guidean ester is a carbon chain attached to the Testosterone molecule which slows the release of the hormone in the body.

    Best for first cycle Sustanon or Test?

    first steroid cycle sustanon

    Sustanon should be regarded with the same attitude as any other form of Testosterone, and Sustanon cycles should be no different. Testosterone is an extremely versatile anabolic steroid, which, as previously mentioned can be run solitarily on its own — an attribute that almost no other anabolic steroid possesses — and it possesses vast versatility and flexibility in terms of what it can be used for, and how it can be used in a cycle.

    Although it can be quite a strong and potent anabolic steroid run on its own, Sustanon is commonly stacked with other anabolic steroids in a cycle. Although Testosterone can and should be stacked with any anabolic steroid, there are some common anabolic steroids it tends to be used with.

    These are in order of popularity of use: In this case where we are concerned with Sustanon , the stack can be re-written as: Remember that Sustanon is simply a Testosterone product. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his fellow bodybuilders were all said to have used this stack, and ever since its inception it has come to be the most widely used cycle stack , and equally so by all three tiers of users beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

    It is of course primarily a stack meant for bulking up and strength gaining, and this is why it is also so appealing to most user types of any experience background. Sustanon cycles that are meant for fat loss or cutting are indeed possible, and can in fact be run at much lower doses, seeing as though the purpose of anabolic steroids used during fat loss periods is simply to prevent the loss of muscle mass during a caloric deficit. Although, it is important for any potential user to remember that during cutting and fat loss cycles, an aromatizable product such as Sustanon will cause bloating and water retention — two things that are generally undesired by most who engage in fat loss cycles.

    Therefore, if aromatization and rising Estrogen levels are undesired in such a situation, the use of an aromatase inhibitor is necessary to prevent the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen.

    Most bodybuilders and athletes typically wish to remain lean and hard without the soft look to the physique that the water retention brings. One final note of advice to be made concerning Sustanon cycles is that because the majority of the Testosterone esters in the Sustanon blend are of a long-estered nature, all Sustanon cycles must be run longer, in the range of 10 — 12 weeks. This is due to the longer esters affecting the half-life and release rate of the drug to favor slower blood plasma level increases, resulting in a longer period required for optimal blood plasma levels to be achieved.

    Beginner Sustanon Cycle Example 12 weeks total cycle time Weeks 1 — A basic beginner Sustanon cycle, this cycle is also considered a first-time cycle for any beginner to anabolic steroids in general. All first cycles for bare beginners to the world of anabolic steroids should always use some form of Testosterone only.

    Solitarily run Testosterone cycles provide the user with a safe compound Testosterone that the human body is already accustomed to naturally, as all humans already produce Testosterone endogenously. This will allow the user to gauge their response to the most basic anabolic steroid, Testosterone. It is from this gauging process that individuals can assess their potential response to other anabolic steroids, as chances are that if one responds horridly to a basic Testosterone cycle, then there will likely be a higher chance of the individual responding even worse to most other compounds which are essentially modified analogues of Testosterone.

    In this cycle, Sustanon is utilized as the Testosterone product in question, and this cycle should typically be run as a bulking and strength gaining cycle. Intermediate Sustanon Cycle Example 12 weeks total cycle time Weeks 1 — At one time it was once recommended that this stack be suitable for beginners as well, but logic would dictate this is not true.

    As explained above in the beginner cycle example, solitary Testosterone-only cycles are the ideal beginner first-time cycles. The problem with beginner first-time cycles being stacks of multiple compounds lies in the fact that it is quite a potentially dangerous practice.

    A hypothetical beginner who has never used anabolic steroids or never run a cycle before would not know what to expect upon use. It stands to reason that if a stack of several different compounds are run for a first cycle and the individual reacts very badly, there will be no possible means for this individual to figure out which anabolic steroid is responsible for the bad reaction if three anabolic steroids are stacked at once. This would become possibly life-threatening if said reaction were to be a very serious life-threatening reaction such as an allergic reaction, for example.

    The intermediate stack presented here is very ideal for all out bulking and strength gaining. Advanced Sustanon Cycle Example 12 weeks total cycle time Weeks 1 — This advanced Sustanon cycle demonstrates the manner in which Testosterone in this case as Sustanon can be used as a supportive compound only to maintain normal physiological function of Testosterone in the absence of it as a result of endogenous Testosterone suppression from the cycle.

    Sustanon as a result is lowered to a TRT dose of mg weekly while Trenbolone Enanthate is working as the primary anabolic compound at a higher dose of mg weekly. Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that is considered only for experienced intermediate and advanced anabolic steroid users, and is the reason why it is included in this cycle example.

    The TRT dose of Testosterone should also limit aromatization a great deal, resulting in Estrogen control without the use of an aromatase inhibitor.

    This cycle should not exhibit water retention, bloating, gynecomastia or any Estrogen related side effects as a result of the TRT dose of Sustanon , and the fact that Trenbolone is a compound that does not aromatize into Estrogen at all. Due to the powerful nature of Trenbolone , this cycle can operate as a bulking cycle, a lean mass cycle, or even as a cutting cycle.

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    Sustanon Results: What Dosages Work Best For Fast Results

    first steroid cycle sustanon

    My first sustanon cycle.. |

    first steroid cycle sustanon

    Sustanon cycle – the guide

    first steroid cycle sustanon