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    Pros and Cons of an Anavar Only Cycle

    anavar only cycle gains By Admin — Anavar only cycle gains. Anavar, or Oxandrolone, is steroidi prodaja online of the most popular oral anabolic steroids used today. Originally designed for the treatment of AIDS-related muscle wasting, alcoholic hepatitis, treatment of osteoporosis, trauma recovery and other weight loss illnesses, its popularity amongst athletes grew due to its potent muscle building effects and good safety profile. For a first cycle or anavar only cycle gains into the world of using anabolic steroids, going to the oral route is anavqr favourable. Dianabol can also be used alone, but this compound does cause estrogen levels to rise, will impact testosterone production moderately fycle cause the steroid user to experience symptoms of low testosterone.

    Anavar only Cycle |

    anavar only cycle gains

    Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More Photo Galleries. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Medichecks - The stress free, speedy way to get a comprehensive, accurate insight into your health. Our tests include Sports Hormone checks, testosterone, iron status, cholesterol and more. Essentials Only Full Version. Hi mate and welcome to MT PCT run nolva for 4 weeks day after last tab.

    Start day one with 60mgs, next 10 days 40mgs,next 10 days 20mgs. Make sure your diet is in check as that will mean the difference in lean gains and or body recomp.

    Don't disappear stay around and learn as much as you can. Wellcome to MT Lukem I think duff has sad it all in above post ,Var is a great med even on its own. The only draw back is the price. I have never run it on its own but have a close friend who is with great gains form it with less water attention with lean mass gains.

    Imo i would go with three weeks max PCT even just 2 weeks. I was first looking at taking Winstrol but I know it is a lot more liver toxic than Var but gives similar results. Ive read posts where people have suggested staying clear of oral only cycles altogether because the stress it puts on the body liver dont justify the gains which are very hard to keep? Would you say Anavar would be much more suitable for my goals increased vascularity, lean muscle gains then say a basic test only cycle would be or am i over emphasizing the power of the test on a first cycle?

    Someone mentioned to me that var or tbol are good first cycles! I'm thinking of running tbol for my first cycle one day! Yeah Tbol would be the other option for me if Var is as expensive as I think its going to be Hi lads looking for some input?

    On my last five days of a 12 week cycle of dec and sus got hcg , tamoxifen , clomid on hand for pct I have started hcg on fri taking once per week and also 10 mg tamoxifen e,o,d I'll start clomid when my last jab is done on thur maybe start fri any other pointers on this I will run all for four maybe five weeks Cheers.

    Thinkfloyd Hi lads looking for some input? Sorry mate I would if I knew how too am just new to this so don't know how it all works forms ect? I'll try to tho lol. Thinkfloyd Sorry mate I would if I knew how too am just new to this so don't know how it all works forms ect?

    I'd give anavar a blast if it wasn't so flipping expensive, i'm currently going for my first ever cycle and just gonna do a pyramid light dbol cycle, if I get good gains and not too much bloat then i'll mybe put the money into an anavar cycle then on to pinning myself..

    Cheers mate got it done if u have any info pop on ect me know what u thoughts are cheers again mate. Just had a pricing and its not working out that expensive! Bolt forddee Wellcome to MT Lukem Create an account or sign in to comment. Lukem87 New Member Total Posts: I'm 25 and have been weight training for around 6 years, im 6 ft 1 and around kg. I have a slim lean look with about 12percent bf.

    Im looking to make some good lean muscle gains and add a bit of shape to my physique. I am a bit skeptical about test having read up on the sides that come with it, having spot prone skin being a particular concern. I have done some research into Anavar and it seems to suggest that it would be perfect for what i am looking for. My question to anyone who has used it as an oral only cycle is are the gains worth being completely shut down for as a first cycle and given the correct PCT will I maintain gains?

    Welshgymguy Senior Member Total Posts: Goingtogrow Olympian Member Total Posts: Thinkfloyd New Member Total Posts: I'll try to tho lol Bolt Pro-Member Total Posts:

    Anavar Only cycle MAX gains.

    anavar only cycle gains

    Good read about Var only cycle..

    anavar only cycle gains

    4 Reasons to Use an Anavar Only Cycle [Beginner's Guide]

    anavar only cycle gains