Winstrol And Anavar Oral Stack

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  • Anavar VS Winstrol Cycle - Why One Is MUCH Stronger
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    Anavar and Winstrol Combined: Safe and Effective?

    winstrol and anavar oral stack I started a thread about Winstrol and anavar oral stack and T I have done my research but I really would like to get the input from the respected members who have a plethora dbol steroid course knowledge on here. If I do decide to do this cycle, this would be my first cycle of AAS. I'm 31 years old, 5'9", Read more or register here to join the discussion below

    Anavar VS Winstrol Cycle - Why One Is MUCH Stronger

    winstrol and anavar oral stack

    There are currently 6 users browsing this thread. Becoming a pussy without tren? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Probably oughta kiss gh's ass a little.

    He doesn't have to be here or help the way he does. Forums are comprised of bullshitters like me, parrots usually ass kissers , guys that think they know Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 40 of Join Date Jan Posts Hello everyone, I am new here I'm also new in steroids things but i've read a lot in many sites and forums and I listed my 1st cycle and pct like that: Tribulus mg Maca mg What do you think about this cycle?

    Sorry if i made some english mistakes but i speak french usually. Tell us about yourself dude. How long have been strength training, age, weight, BF, dietary habits. This will help us determine if cycling is a good option for you right now.

    Dont do an oral only cycle you wont be satisfied compared to injectables. Originally Posted by dvnfit A friend told me that it is not very important to do a PCT for a "light" tabs cycle, is it real? I have read that PCT is really really important, i do not want to kill my test levels You would always need a PCT. I talked to a doctor in m'y gym he said for a low doses it is not extremly important to do pct I will see my doctor tomorow and I will ask him different things about that cycle I will ask him some nolvadex for my pct and other things And yes I will do blood checks and put results here, im a little worried about cholesterol.

    What would you recommand if I take anadrol , with what should I stack. No stack is recommended for first cycle. You need to start by the base fo all cycle: Have you read this link posted above: But I dont get it sorry dont get me wrong but if I want just to gain a little lean mass and get more schredded what should I go with a testosterone cycle OK that seems more clear for me, thanks. Join Date May Posts If you do orals only with test as a base you are gonna jack yourself up.

    Two 17 class orals at the same time is a bad idea also. What do you mean with the word jack yourself up? Im french and I dont understand the meaning of that I am not ready for injection , do you think if I start with andriol or something oral to boost my test it will be ok?

    I ask you again because my friends that tried that stack have some differents reviews comparing with you on the forum Yes, at that dosage, you will be shutdown in weeks. From that point you will start feeling like shit, and low test side effects will progress. Also running 80mg orals is really stressful on the liver.

    Do your friends do bloodwork? I will ask him again but I think yes And if I only try anavar with good pct , also shit? Ive bought 2x anavar and 2X winstrol , I would like to use them it costs me a lot.. Join Date Jul Posts 2, Ive bought 2x anavar and 2X winstrol, I would like to use them it costs me a lot.. The bottom line is you are misinformed Forget what the other sites said, friends etc.

    Test only for your first cycle will give you the results you're looking for, and even if you don't trust that and decide to go with the stack you say is what people are telling you is a good beginner stack you will be so bummed that you'll have more side effects than gains.

    Test should be the base for any stack and should be the only thing you use on your first cycle. If you cannot mentally bring yourself to use a needle then you haven't fully weighed out the pros and cons of steroid use , you haven't done enough research to fully commit to this next step. I'm not trying to be rude or minimize what you want to do but i think its important for you to hear this, so maybe you'll see it from a more realistic perspective. I'm definitely no pro at this by anymeans and probably the least qualified person to even offer you my opinion but i do know the guys who have commented do have a ton of experience.

    I haven't even started my first cycle yet, it took me over a year to make this decision and to be sure this is what i wanted to do, literally over a year of research, reading countless studies, forum discussions, talking to guys i know, finding a source, finding another source researching them lol it took over a year for me to say you know what I've got all the info i need to feel as comfortable as I'm going to feel to make this decision.

    Take the time to really assess your goals and why you want to even do this, then research your ass off to get as much information you need and not just from one place or thread but a bunch of places to get a feel for what the standard is, then and only then reassess how you feel about taking this step and realize there are definite pros and cons and none of us are above them.

    Thank you for the information Last question is about dhea, is it really something helpful or it is something like bullshit herbals that I tried many times? I took 30mg anavar today I took after speaking with some friends I don't know what to do? Thanks for your message I think for my pct i will include nolvadex with clomid, standard dosages, is it ok? Do you know if there is any interactions between anavar and dhea, tribulus or 5-htp?

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    Anavar & Winstrol Cycle Questions

    winstrol and anavar oral stack

    !! Anavar/Winny Oral Cycle !!

    winstrol and anavar oral stack

    Ideal Anavar + Winstrol Cycle | Winstrol Steroids | Winstrol Effects, Treatment and Sales

    winstrol and anavar oral stack