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    Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. - Steroidology

    sustanon 250 and tren acetate By webboJuly 24, in Dianabol capsules fake and Testosterone information. Hi guys after posting sustanon 250 and tren acetate the welcome board and having friendly responses I said I would think before posting a question. I think I'm ready to cycle again. This time with correct advice. Weeks sustanon used at mgs per injection mgs first 2 shots to use up extra and front load. No items have been bought yet. It has been 18 months since I last used anything.

    1st cycle sustanon/tren journal

    sustanon 250 and tren acetate

    There are currently 3 users browsing this thread. Your E2 is above range, risk for prostate cancer, cardiovascular risks etc. Also it works against your free test Just got the rest of my test back. E2 is 65 total test is That does nothing to answer my question, I'm not a body builder I'm not looking to get huge just wan't to loose weight and build up my chest and arms a bit, before on T3 I had no strength lost a good Hows you hands, got any tremors?

    I mean, in the grand scheme of things there are dudes who run tren in excess of 1gram. And they are still going strong… Results 1 to 29 of Join Date Jul Posts Feeling a bit lost here!

    First off my stats: No pump here, just for reference: I'm taking these products, labels read: I was instructed by my friend who sold it to me as well as my training partner, who are fairly experienced juicers, to take it like this: I'm not currently taking creatine but was told to take it at the same time.

    This is week 3 now and I'm on my 6th injection tonight. I'm up about 10lbs at lbs now. Been jabbing in the glute and I've had major pain and swelling from the injections.

    Feels like a bad bruise. No redness and always goes away after about days. I have been feeling fevorish for the past week however, not sure if it's the test levels messing with me or the tren raising my temp..? A friend also a 1st timer is taking the exact same stack and is telling me he has the same pain and swelling but said nothing about fever. Been researching and not sure if I'm taking this stuff often enough or what??

    I read conflicting literature. I hear these symptoms are normal. Then I hear they can be infection. I'm reading I should take something for kidney health while on the Tren, True?? But a novice juicer.. Originally Posted by JuicedCobra. Please review this and evaluate if I'm on the right track. Forgot to ask what your PCT is going to be.

    Originally Posted by going4ripped. Welcome First off I must tell you that you need to edit those parts I have listed above. We are not allowed to list Lab names in threads or posts. Second, if this is your fist cycle, I don't like the Tren for you. The main reason a good first cycle is Test only is to see how your body reacts to it. If you are running more than 1 compound, and you start to have bad effects, it is very hard to tell which one is the culprit. Besides that, Tren is very harsh, and only recommended for people who are experienced in cycles.

    But harsh in what way?? PCT is going to be Nolvidex. But some are telling me to take Clomid as well. What do you recomend? All other factors aside is my dosage at least sound right? Am I going to run out at the end since I'm trying to get 10ml from 10ml bottles which you can't really get all the 10ml from? Seems to pose a problem I hadn't considered.. Forget the tren for now. You don't even have enough to run it properly, and yes, you will run out. Agree with Ripped, test will be good enough for your first cycle.

    I recommend hitting the diet section of this forum as well. That might help more than anything. Well its kind of too late since you already are 3 weeks in, dosages are wack mg of sust a week and less than 80mg of tren ace per week? Wow should have researched my friend, tren ace needs to be shot everyday or at least every other day because of the ester, tren-e is the one that can be shot twice week since it is long ester NOT tren ace.

    Add that to your low test dosage and incredibly low tren dosage and your wasting a cycle practically not that you should have taken tren on your first cycle. We will see what your gains are in the end.

    Join Date Jun Posts Hey mate, sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Just a quick thought; Do you know that your source is reliable? Good luck dude, hope the swelling gets better!!

    Originally Posted by Immortal Soldier. I was on mg Sust twice a week for the past two weeks. The last injection was the first that I stepped it down. So should I step it back up to mg Sust per week and loose the Tren?? Should I go get some more pins and start jabbing it EOD?? Oh and as for research there is alot of stuff out there sayin you can jab Sust once or twice a week A friend also a 1st timer is taking the exact same stack and is telling me he has the same pain and swelling but said nothing about fever..

    Join Date Oct Location blue trunks Posts 3, You need more test, more research, clomid, and lose the tren. Originally Posted by hankdiesel. Originally Posted by seriousmass. So yes that would be considered low. I don't really see a need, especially as this is your first cycle.

    I mean, if you have your heart set on continuing with the tren Originally Posted by MR10X. TRT dose is mg a month which is what sustanon was designed for a once a month shot. You have no idea what you're talking about. Stop reading steroid profiles, and regurgitating the information. It'll make you look very uneducated. Your the newbee,ive been doing stuff for 25 years,how old are you sport.

    The starting required HRT dose is around mgs per 14 days, also depends what range your endro wants you to be in but thats the average. Ok my thread seems to be getting side tracked with TRT debates here Please guys I need some solid answers on what to do now. I'm stopping the Tren all together, I was obviously wasting my time with it.

    I've done mg of Sust for the last two weeks. Only the last shot on monday did I take. Should I then take 1ml today and then start on an EOD regimen of making sure I'm on track for mg a week for the remainder of time.

    I was considering making it 8 or 10 weeks total. If I can't get Sust in time stuff I got came from Europe can I switch to another Test at that time and if so what would be good? Thanks for all the advice guys. I went ahead and did 1ml of Sust no Tren tonight. In my buddy's defense he was thinking that an extreme low dose of Tren would help me cut without too much side effects while on the Sust.

    Is he way off base with that? You dont want to be running tren in your first cycle, stick with one compound. I can't believe no one else has jumped in here and smacked this newb up for me. The most common dosage is mg each week. Do a search next time, it'll make you look a lot less uneducated.

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    Test Sustanon /Tren Ace/Winny Cycle

    sustanon 250 and tren acetate

    Sust and Tren ? Good or Bad ?

    sustanon 250 and tren acetate

    Sustanon and tren dosage

    sustanon 250 and tren acetate