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    anavar and weight gain I am a female anavar and weight gain Anavar 10mg pills for the first time. I anaavar consider myself a serious lifter, but I have consistently worked out at the gym using weights and machines for over a year and a half and I have had experience with a personal trainer in the past. In the last 2 years, due to being away for school and not involved in sports, Anavar and weight gain had gained 20 pounds. I recently lost all that wieght natually by diet and exercise, but I have hit a plateau. From here on out, my goals are. Read more or register here to join the discussion below

    How much weight gain should be expected with Anavar Cycle??

    anavar and weight gain

    Results 1 to 10 of How much weight can be gained with anavar in 3 weeks? Something is not going well, because I got additional 20 lbs already in 3 weeks, which is not what I expected from it. Is it possible to get so much weight with anavar?

    Maybe I was just eating too much? Sounds like ur "var" is dbol or drol Anavar isn't know for weight gain.. I'll have whatever he's having lol. Could be superdrol also, what dose you taking? Approved HGH source https: I completely agree - with anavar you can not gain so much weight, no matter if it is muscle mass, or bloating water retention. Looks like you got some fake anavar, because it is the most widely faked steroid, and most of the times it will be replaced with Dbol for that purpose.

    This is why it is so important to do due research before buying steroids. For instance, in the source section of this forum you will find plenty of information about different sources and will see feedback from their customers.

    It is a good way of making sure that your source is fine. Lev Butlerov - Evolutionary. Check Approved Sources section on Evo! Team RoidMass - the massive evo brothers. Anavar is a dry compound. It is a DHT derivative that does not aromatize into estrogen.

    It is also a very mild compound. Men won't gain much more then maybe 5 pounds on a week cycle of anavar. If you gained 20 pounds in 3 weeks - there is no way your anavar is legitimate.

    Where source did you use? Anavar is one of the most commonly faked steroids. It is a very expensive hormone to purchase and a lot of UG labs will fake it with cheaper steroids like dbol. It sounds to me like your anavar is most likely dbol or anadrol.

    That would explain the huge amount of water weight and bloat you are experiencing. For the future - check the source reviews section on the board here if you are looking for a quality steroid source. Originally Posted by The-Kiwi. That is absolutely insane. This must be your first cycle and you must be using dbol and not var. That is a shit ton of weight to gain even for a full 12 week test cycle. I would get off the gear. PM or Visitor Message me for a product discount on: Sounds like you got some dbol instead of anavar lol a lot of fake stuff going around make sure you are getting legit stuff from a legit source.

    Questions about anavar!

    anavar and weight gain

    Anavar Review (UPDATE: Apr ) | 18 Things You Need to Know

    anavar and weight gain

    Anavar Steroid - Is It An Optimal Muscle Building Solution? Check Here!

    anavar and weight gain