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  • Boldenone undeclynate vs boldenone cypionate
  • EQ vs boldenone undecylenate
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    Deca vs EQ

    eq vs boldenone undecylenate What are the differnces in these 2? Is there a difference in the different types of eq: Read more or register here eq vs boldenone undecylenate join the discussion below Please complete this form and click the button below to gain instant access. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address unecylenate. Register Help Members Login. Register Gallery Today's Posts Search.

    Deca vs EQ - online-casino-player.info

    eq vs boldenone undecylenate

    Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of This user has no status. Please select a category to choose from: Boldenone Acetate I see many posts as well as emails to myself asking what's the difference?

    I'm no expert but this is the best I can explain. First remember we need to remember the roots of Boldenone. It was created while trying to develop a long ester dianabol. Then if we remember the origin of dianabol, it is basically a derivative of Testosterone. So what the hell does that mean to us? While very few people actually report or claim they suffer from water retention from using EQ, it's history sure would tell us it may have that possibility considering its ancestry.

    Boldenone Acetate was first marketed as Boldenone with less water retention. Again I think most of us would say "what water retention? I think the most logic explanation for the development of Boldenone Acetate is a faster acting compound.

    Undecylenate is the slowest acting ester I'm aware of, even slower than deconate. This is why EQ is typically run weeks to reap the full benefits of the compound. I have no hard core evidence this is true or one version is better than the other. This is simply the conclusion I came to; Acetate form is faster acting and can be run on a shorter cycle.

    I have never run the acetate form just the Undecylenate. Anyone with experience with both I would love to hear. I have quite a bit of experience with bold undec and also boldenone cyp.

    I like the cyp more just as the results vascularity and increase in appetite happen fast. Even though I always front load. I would love to try bold acetate and have seen you guys carry it. I will incorporate it into a cycle soon but can say I have never had any water retention with either ester ive used. Anxiety and super high blood pressure yes from both. Anxiety from EQ is killer for me, I was taking mgs a week. This is one I'll never touch again.

    Really it doesnt give me anxiety at all. Do you guys give blood on it? The thing thats kept me from trying the ace. Is everyone says the pip is almost unbearable. Originally Posted by animal I ran EQ last cycle mg a week for 18 weeks and my hematocrit stayed normal range.

    I had bloods drawn twice during cycle. I've always been fortunate. The only thing that gives me much trouble is tren. Originally Posted by BigPapa. I do my labs every 30 days and my doctor always knows what I'm on. Elite Labs - The Sarms Specialist! By gotham in forum General Discussion. By gotham in forum Anabolic Steroid Discussion.

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    Boldenone undeclynate vs boldenone cypionate

    eq vs boldenone undecylenate

    EQ vs boldenone undecylenate

    eq vs boldenone undecylenate

    Boldenone Undecylenate vs. Boldenone Acetate

    eq vs boldenone undecylenate