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  • The BEST Anavar Dosages for a Hard, Lean Physique
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    The BEST Anavar Dosages for a Hard, Lean Physique

    anavar 10 mg per day Anavar can be quite the versatile compound in its use. Although most users tend to use it as a anavar 10 mg per day for the maintenance of muscle mass during a hypocaloric mv loss cycle, its use in fact extends far beyond that. In comparison to compounds typically used as bulking agents, such as Dianabol, Anavar holds the advantage of zero estrogenic activity. Over the early pfr of its anavar 10 mg per day, Anavar has been used exclusively as a cutting agent during periods of fat loss, but as of recent it has begun to see its use expand to that of lean mass gaining. As knowledge increases and ease of access to information expands, more are learning that compounds such as Anavar are actually far more versatile than once thought. Anavar does possess limitations, however, due to its nature as an oral anabolic steroid where the risks of hepatotoxicity are concerned. The total length of use must also be angry birds eggsteroid e-5 due dya its oral nature, but this will be further expanded upon shortly.

    Anavar 10 mg take to kick in?

    anavar 10 mg per day

    There are currently 2 users browsing this thread. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of A female with questions about Anavar.

    Im writing for a bit of advice about taking Anavar for the first time. I have read as much as I can on here and also researched on the internet but I still have some questions Sorry if these questions have been answered before, I just want to be sure before I start. I have read conflicting advice that a first time cycle for a woman should be 10mg - now, when we are talking about 10mg are we referring to 10mg split two times a day as in, 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening?

    In some other forums I have read some women starting at 5mg a day. So my question is if I start at 5mg does that mean I split the pill in half and take 2. What would be the preferred dose for a woman who lifts 4 x a week and does 30 mins running 3 x a week? I am very tall and have a large frame. My muscles are getting defined already without anything but I want to get more definition and also want to shed my fat stores around my stomach.

    I am by no means petite, when cut I have a large muscular physique. I have had 3 children and am 34 so it's getting harder and harder for me to shed my stomach fat these days Is it ok to take Anavar on an empty stomach, as in should I take it the minute I wake up or should I have my breakfast protein shake with oats, banana, linseed and peanut butter and take the pill after that?

    Someone told me that I should only cycle for 5 weeks but I have read it should be 8 - 10 weeks. Can I take Anavar with my Oxy Pro fat burners? I'm not keen on taking a number of different steroids, only want to take Anavar. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from all you people in the know.

    Have you read the stickies on Anavar in the women's forum? There is some great information in there. Women's General Discussion Forum I would suggest you start with a very low dose to see how you tolerate it.

    Increase it if necessary and if you tolerate it well. Just remember, from what I read, there will always be some degree of viralization if you use AAS.

    Might be an enlarged clitoris, facial hair, deepening of your voice, etc. My understanding is that once you get this you cannot reverse it. So go low and slow in the beginning and look for signs. Before you start, determine what side effects you are willing to live with. Also note that you very well may see your libido go through the roof. So make sure your partner is ready for this.

    AAS and females are a no no I need to check the stickies in that section as well. Hopefully I will find some info that will help me understand. Originally Posted by Austinite. Originally Posted by Megatron What I have read is that it might be very small changes. But each cycle can be cumulative and start adding up.

    Maybe its a few hairs that need to be plucked or a small change in the voice after a few cycles. Obviously, I am not speaking from personal experience. Just what my wife and I read on here in the women's forum. Originally Posted by abodylikeU. Thanks for the welcome and for the comments. Yes from what I've read Anavar doesn't give women those side effects if used in a low dose. It was my understanding that if it is a low grade pill or mixed with dynabol then this is what causes those side effects such as hair growth and cracking voice.

    Is this not true then? Argh it's so frustrating with so much conflicting information out there. Very hard to make an informed decision. My main concern is just whether to start on 10mg a day or 5mg but I think I will try 5 and see how I go Originally Posted by power.

    Last edited by Austinite; at Read the stickies in the women's forum. I would think the best thing is to start low and work your way up. Maybe start at 2. Well, I can understand mislabeled gear. But I was speaking of longterm damage with low doses, assuming the correct gear. I skimmed the stickies and I see lots of comments, but no science behind any of it. I'll read in detail after work. I know several that have been on Primobolan for well over 3 years with no ill effects.

    But again, I really need to research the science behind the concerns to make a more informed call. I don't know enough yet to make any determination. Believe me, I make it a goal to identify health concerns. Im just saying that could be your outlier as to why some people could have extreme side effects while others have none. Anavar is not cheap to make. Eq is, but even a mislabeling could be a problem.

    Say you make vials at a time of stuff so you can use your conversions off of 1kg of powder, and put those away before they are labelled. Then make your eq, and then an eq falls off the shelf to the underlying test e shelf. What do you do? You guys are confusing me! I have someone at the gym who can get it for me but would I be better off buying from a reputable site?

    Are you allowed to recommend sites on here? Juiced Pitbull likes this. My wife just finished her first run with Anavar var. She is sensitive to medication so we started small. Tapered in the end. She ended up a few pounds heavier. More noticeable in the arms and shoulders than anything else.

    About week she held a lot of water weight. That lasted about 10 days. Sex drive was up, no acne, a bit of greasy hair. No voice change or anything. Her workouts were great and much stronger, but she did get bad back pumps.

    I tried to keep her diet in check, but who knows what she did while I was at work, lol. Var will not really make you lose bodyfat. It will help preserve muscle while in a caloric deficit. Originally Posted by superp. Anavar var will not really make you lose bodyfat. I love Anavar var. I would not bother splitting a dose as small as 5mg and just take it in the morning when you eat start with 5mg and see how you react. I am personally not a fan of any over the counter meds but I like caffeine pills.

    Originally Posted by FerrariF You should run test along with the anavar. Anavar is going to suppress your natural testosterone and you'll just end up breaking even.

    I recommend mg of Test E per week. Originally Posted by dayhawk. Megatron28 , Rastas and unkazra1 like this. Well I've read all I can read for a day. I'll stay out of this, but I'm unable to find a scientific correlation between low doses and serious health concerns.

    A female with questions about Anavar

    anavar 10 mg per day

    POWERFUL Anavar 10mg Cycle – Comparison of Bodybuilder Results

    anavar 10 mg per day

    The BEST Anavar Dosages for a Hard, Lean Physique

    anavar 10 mg per day