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    The Masteron Guide - Cycles, Dosage, Side Effects and more

    mast prop results

    Close menu Log in Register. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Jump to page: Masteron prop cycle Ok guys I've been thinking about adding this to a cycle for spring time just wanted some thoughts on doses for mast prop and test e maybe kick starting with a lil test prop.

    Currently at 10 weeks of test E mg weekly probably run for 6 more weeks then cruise with mg till I start my next cycle. So may be no need to add test prop? Which I will be leaner when I start next cycle. Also gone run Igf 80 mcg a day. My plan was to run the test e round mg and the masteron prop to mg a week?

    I am fairly new to cycles so this would be my 4 th cycle. So chime in thanks. Also ordered from our 1 of our board spnsors here who I will name soon after gear is in. So far they have done excellent job on order. It should be on it's way. Also rep was very helpfull. The Dude liked this post.

    Im not familiar personally with Masteron prop, so i could only recite what you can readily read here about it anyhow, but the doses look ok to me, the test e seems low but you know how you responded to ur last 3 cycle, so if you think mg is fine then go for it, but i would if it was me on my 4th cycle, bump it up to mg a week. IGF doses look solid! If you're doing Masteron Prop, why not do Test Prop? You'll have to do EOD shots anyway. Test E doesn't agree with a lot of people and there is less test mg per mg than Prop.

    I'm always leaner and stronger on Prop. Maybe a little Nolva Bloat or MC anti e to keep you real hard. Presser , dorian , crash , Erabus liked this post. I've only run test e and will have a good supply of it, but test prop I will only have couple bottles wanted to give it a try if I like I may stick with the prop. THANKS for the input guys my goal for this summer is to get bf in single digits and harden up the muscles. Not worrying too much about size ive been but my body seems to hover around the mark so just want to make the most out of that for now.

    Presser , Mrbigz liked this post. Would go with winstrol instead. You will get a lot more bang for your buck and notice it. Originally Posted by nuknuk. Just goes to show you gotta find out what works for you by a little trail and error.

    How do you respone to Anavar? Originally Posted by The Dude. I got mg capsules from my old Dr and did them religiously for 2 months and gained very little.

    What made you jump right to that drug? I didn't think of that, but that is strange that I also don't respond to that at all. I actually had heard that you need to be in single digits body fat wise but also heard Austin and one more say they loved it. I really like the tren ace but the wifey has told me no more she says I become heartless and cold when I'm on it. She also says thats not normal for me almost 37 but feel like 16 when I take tren.

    Presser , The Dude liked this post. Originally Posted by crash. The Dude , crash , MonkeyWrench liked this post. Presser liked this post. Not yet waiting on order to come in looks like its sitting. Hope it makes it through customs. I'm about to run mg oral Winny mg EOD test prop and masteron. I respond well to winstrol, so I wanted to try another dht derived steroid. I have to use test prop, I like being able to control my test levels. I'm way above a low bf percentage, but I'm going to cut like hell, low calories, lots of cardio, I'm gonna document my stats with pictures.

    Its been several years since my last real cycle. Originally Posted by AnabolicAgent Mannnnnnn, y'all are making my mouth water for some term. I swore I'd never do it again due to the nightmares and psychological changes it causes. I'm doing a cutter too this cycle. Shit, shit, shit If I could find a Fina cart id brew some up. I love tren, But I have trouble with the aggression.

    I can handle any compound out there and even test by the grams but tren puts me over the edge. Presser, do you really think igf is really worth it? I mean, is it gonna burn fat with the Winny, prop and mast? If so, how much daily, and how long should I run it? Last edited by AnabolicAgent05; at AnabolicAgent05 liked this post. It makes everything better Muscle gain, fat loss, injury healing and prevention Last edited by Presser; at Presser , Kkoz liked this post.

    Originally Posted by raysd With all the fake shit you've purchased trying to get the cheapest price on gear you could've bought multiple igf cycles. Stop being so fucking cheap. And if you did the damn math you would see MC is less expensive than the cheap bullshit at other sites. That's with no moneygram fees and no extra shipping either!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't want to support MC I do. Thanks, but is MC igf better than other brands? MC's is pretty high. Have you tried other brands to compare? I want to try this stuff!! But I found other places with a lot better prices for way more igf. However, I do want to support MC! I've tried several other brands back in when I first started experimenting with IGF. Some companies sold products with serious impurities. I have numerous threads on this board about my experiences and the specific companies.

    MC was the last company I came across and figured what the hell, I'll try one more time. There is no comparison. MC's prices are very competitive and their products and service are unmatched. With my previous experiences, I will pay for MC products rather than use others products for free.

    They don't cover the ER visits Originally Posted by Buffalo. If it were me and I do this any ways combo winny and masterone, with test prop. You'll shread down fast use Anavar too if you can afford running it. Comments made by mrbigz are for entertainment only. Please respect rules and mrbigz. Results in the Dinga Ling. Havent checked body fat but have noticeably more cut. Body weight down by only 1 pound at Will get sum pics soon before i start cylcle btw i am on mg test e a week going to drop that when i start test p and mast p.

    Also really getting diet in check reducing carbs. Have yet to start cardio dont like tread mills waiting for sum warm weather. But i have increased my intensity in gym by supersetting for last 20 mins mainly hitting arms harder trying to get growth in them.

    I can't wait for the warm weather either brutha, and ready to hit the gym harder, i guess ya just feel better in the spring lol.

    Test Prop and Masteron 8 week cycle.

    mast prop results

    First Cycle Test Prop + Masteron

    mast prop results

    Masteron Prop whats the ideal dose??

    mast prop results