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    Mast seeding

    mast plants Our current product line consists of holiday plants, flowering indoor, pre-finished spring bulbs, potted spring annuals, garden mums and fall cool crops. The Mast Young Plant Division produces spring liners, fall seedlings, mast plants and poinsettia liners. Having our own young mast plants division means that from the very beginning, we have oversight, ensuring quality plugs and liners. We have close relationships with many breeders and suppliers and feel investing in research and development is vital mast plants being a sustainable business. Trialing and testing new varieties helps us to develop new, exciting items to bring to our customers.

    Mast (botany) - Wikipedia

    mast plants

    Mast is the "fruit of forest trees like acorns and other nuts ". In the aseasonal tropics of South-East Asia, entire forests including hundreds of species are known to mast fruit at irregular periods of years [3] [4].

    More generally, mast is considered the edible vegetative or reproductive part produced by woody species of plants, i. It comes in two forms. Tree species such as oak , hickory , and beech produce a hard mast— acorns , hickory nuts, and beechnuts. It has been traditional to turn pigs loose into forests to fatten on this form of mast.

    Also branch tips of the latest year's growth are eaten by some wildlife, such as deer. Other tree and shrub species produce a soft mast—leaf buds , catkins , true berries , drupes , and rose hips. A mast year is a year in which much more mast than usual is produced. The phrase originally applied solely to trees, like oak trees, that produce fruit useful for feeding farm animals. Mast seeding or masting [5] is a mass-seeding phenomenon exhibited by some species of plants, which can be defined as "synchronous production of seed at long intervals by a population of plants".

    The prolific seeding provides food for animals like rats and stoats , whose populations can explode during a mast year, having been reduced by a lack of food in previous non-mast years.

    In turn, this makes it more likely that birds will be targeted by the pests, [8] or that rats will invade nearby fields in what is called a " rat flood ". The interaction between disturbance by fire and masting is key to white spruce regeneration and subsequent stand dynamics in the boreal mixedwood forest.

    While noting that previous studies had assessed a three- to five-year window of opportunity for obtaining white spruce regeneration after fire before seedbed deterioration closed it, Peters et al.

    Rapid seedbed deterioration is likely to augment the mast-year effect for white spruce as compared with species that are less dependent on short-lived, disturbance-created regeneration microsites.

    Seed limitation, as well as seedbed deterioration, influences age structure in white spruce. Mast-year effects on the density of white spruce are long-lasting; 40 years after fire, mast-year fires still had 2. Predator satiation is another commonly cited evolutionary benefit to masting behavior. In plant communities with a local abundance of frugivores, large seed releases can effectively exceed seed predation and improve the chance of successful establishment.

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    Mast Young Plants - the Michigan Garden Plant Tour

    mast plants

    Mast seeding | biology |

    mast plants

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    mast plants