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    LEGAL HIGH Music Collection

    legal high 2 music Haruki Hanyu, who worked as a prosecutor, changes sides and becomes an attorney. In court, pursues legal high 2 music where the plaintiff and defendant can come to a letal understanding. This differs completely from Kensuke Komikado, who believes only the winner is right. At work, Haruki Hanyu has confrontation a with Machiko Mayuzumi, but still holds personal feelings for. Feeds Anniversary sms for sister Trailers Watch Online. Top Actors Add New Person.

    CDJapan : "Legal High (TV Drama)" Original Soundtrack TV Original Soundtrack CD Album

    legal high 2 music

    Of all the law related dramas inside and outside of the country, a majority of lawyers are depicted as heroes, either bringing tears to your eyes helping the weak underdog, or trying to advocate justice to the extreme. This has led the general public to view lawyers with eyes of respect and envy. However, the main character of "Legal High!! Komikado Kensuke is stubborn, abusive in his language, sarcastic, moody, and an extravagant spender.

    To the contrary, he has never lost a case in his life. A genius at bargaining and building strategy, winning is everything to Kensuke. His love for money, fame, and women obviously collects the dislikes of other professionals in the field. Kensuke loathes the textbook of justice the young lawyers try to brandish. Unexpectedly, Mayuzumi Machiko is a lawyer who passed her bar exam through hard studies.

    She is overly earnest in her mission of saving the weak, and rather clumsy and incapable of planning ahead. Her lack of versatility and strong righteousness drives her reckless, without compromise to her convictions. Passionate and determined, she is the complete opposite of Kensuke's character. Despite the skepticism he receives for his sensational efforts, the people surrounding him begin to see that their view was but a pipe dream. In the courtroom, Kensuke reminds us of the feeling we had all forgotten: To fight with all our energy and to never give up.

    And together with him, Mayuzumi and Hattori. This season, a new employee joins their team. Hanyu Haruki comes from a rich family. His father owns a highly profitable trading company, while his mother is a children's books writer.

    After finishing his apprenticeship, he joins the Public Prosecutor department. To broaden his experience, Hanyu is loaned out to Komikado's law firm. Retrieved from " http: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Views Read View source View history. Follow Us Facebook Twitter. This page was last modified on 13 February , at This page has been accessed , times. Privacy policy About DramaWiki Disclaimers. His deadly opponent in the bloody divorce trial is his ex-wife.

    Their own flesh and blood fighting over inheritance! The secret and lies behind the soy sauce family. Taking away her custody! The trial between the child actress prodigy and her mom to cut all ties. Save the whistleblower from the wrongful dismissal!! The best ever lawyer is finally defeated!?

    The truth is always full of laughs!! Iki mo Dekinai Natsu. Boku no Ita Jikan.

    HIGH ON MUSIC | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    legal high 2 music

    Legal High - DramaWiki

    legal high 2 music

    [Dorama OST] Legal High Original Soundtrack (MP3) | onextime's Blog

    legal high 2 music