Do Anabolic Steroids Kill You

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  • Taking Steroids: What Could It Hurt?

    Here’s What Steroids Actually Do to Your Body

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    Does Steroid Use Kill You? - Success Rebellion

    do anabolic steroids kill you

    Today we are going to answer common question or assumption by society. I get this question all the fucking time. I believe it is necessary to address this. Nor do I ever plan to be. However, I think I do have enough experience to properly speak on this topic. Everyone has the idea steroids are what kills bodybuilders and athletes that use said compounds. This could not be further truth. That is more bullshit government propaganda that the government puts in your head to keep you controlled.

    The government does not want you to physically excel. They do not want your physical health to be amazing. That is bad for the greedy corporations who control the government who profit off your poor health decisions. Most steroids can be used in very healthy manners as long as they are taken in the proper dosages for the proper length of time. It is only when bodybuilders begin to abuse these drugs, is when things start to get dangerous and your physical health could be jeoporidezed.

    I will address these issues below. Let's set the record straight. At least, it is what resurfaced some of these idiotic ideas. They died just about 2 weeks ago which is truly tragic. Especially for Dallas, he was only 26 years old and a beast on stage. The full details on how they died are not completely out yet. All the info we have been given are the following: However, spectators are jumping the gun and already suggesting the steroids and PEDs are the sole cause of his death.

    It makes no sense. These assertions are based on ZERO facts. Also for their families to deal with all these internet trolls, claiming their loved one died of steroid abuse, is just ridiculous. Anyway, that is my rant. We are moving on. Now people love to buy into what the media and government tell them about steroids without doing any research themselves.

    They blame deaths and health issues on compounds they do not understand in the least. So, without getting too scientific, let us give a brief explanation of how steroids work. Anabolic steroids are molecular compounds that connect to androgen receptors in the body. This allows the body to stimulate A LOT bone and muscular synthesis by better partitioning nutrients, accelerating other enzyme pathways in the body and getting the most from your organ functions.

    Basically steroids stimulate and maximize the body's use of cellular pathways in the body to promote bigger and stronger muscles. It is that simple. This is one of the main reasons why athletes use steroids.

    They can reap the benefits at low dosages. MMA fighter, boxers, football players, soccer players, basketball players, tennis players, hockey players, track runners, bikers, marathoners, etc. Even golfers can see their performance benefit from steroid use. This is because the cellular function in your body is being pushed to maximum output and utilizing all the nutrients you put in it. Do not be under the impression that you can use steroids, then just sit on your ass and get ripped.

    Steroids only maximize the effects of work you are already putting in. So if you are putting in no work then you are going to get nothing out of steroid use. If you are lifting every day, hitting cardio, and have clean diet; then steroids will amplify your results and likely help you achieve them quicker. So never think that the guys that do steroids are lazy. Quite the opposite actually.

    Most of them are some the hardest working people you will ever meet in your lives. They have the mental fortitude to hit weight every single day and stick to super strict diets year round. I have done it. That shit is tough! If you are not convinced, then try yourself and hit me back on fucking difficult of a time you had doing it. Like anything in life, you need to put in maximum effort to obtain maximum results. Never get that twisted. So next time you meet someone on steroids who has a great physique, congratulate his or her work ethic because that person busted his or her ass for that body.

    Never be so quick to judge. Especially, if you know nothing about what compounds they are taking. Steroid abuse is when things can get dangerous. Like all prescription or over the counter drugs, if you stay take too much for too long then you risk serious side effects. Depending on the drug or your health history, some of those side effects could be life threatening. Steroids are no different. They are just under a bigger microscope because high profile athletes and bodybuilders get caught using them.

    Because steroids push your body to it's limits for higher output, it can put great strain on your organs if used for long periods of time at high dosages. Steroids do not cause any life threatening issues with the body. However, they can amplify pre-existing health issues within the body. When your body is under strain, you are way more likely to trigger these health issues. For example, if you have high blood pressure. Taking high doses of anabolic compounds will likely make that problem worse.

    That is why is highly suggested that you go to the doctor before getting on cycle. Get blood work done and make sure everything is okay.

    Once you confirm perfect health, then you can consider going on cycle. However, if you do have issues then you need to back off or talk to a doctor about how can safely cycle. If you do not go the doctor, then you are rolling the dice with your health and taking an unnecessary risk. This is another huge mistake that a lot guys and professional bodybuilders make.

    They put on too much damn muscle. To where they are pounds of rock solid muscle. This was around the size of Rich Piana. He was shredded too. That is not good for you. It makes you body go through serious effort just to complete basic daily tasks. It makes your heart more effort to pump blood all that muscle then is would to pump blood the same amount of weight in fat. Therefore having pounds of muscle is equivalent or worse than being obese.

    Sleep apnea, enlarged heart, weird lipid levels, high blood pressure, thicker blood, poor cardiovascular endurance, etc. Many bodybuilders do die or have very serious health ailments from issues related to the stuff I mentioned above. Im not saying that is what killed Rich or Dallas. But it would not be shocking if it did given the size of those guys. You just need to push a bit past your genetic threshold and find a look you are comfortable with and chill.

    Why be pounds in muscle. I would rather be pounds and look like Superman then pounds and look sick. So I help this clears up some things for those who did understand what steroids do and how they affect the body. Keep in mind though, we have only scratched the surface. You can get balls deep into the science and go on for years researching this stuff.

    Trust me I know. I learn more about this stuff everyday. I encourage you to do the same. Knowledge is our greatest against ignorance and government controlled media and propaganda. Take the bullet out of your head and wake up! There is more knowledge to had out there. With the internet, all that real info is at your fingertips. However, there is a lot of bullshit too. Be careful what you read. To answer the question, can steroids kill you?

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    do anabolic steroids kill you

    can steroids kill you?

    do anabolic steroids kill you

    Taking Steroids: What Could It Hurt?

    do anabolic steroids kill you