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  • Why are so many young men on steroids?
  • Anyone know any good steroid documentaries?
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    Why are so many young men on steroids?

    anabolics documentary Pop culture junkies tend to think of Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as entertainment figures. In Poughkeepsie, NY, back in the s, filmmaker Anabolics documentary Bell and his brothers viewed them anabolics documentary heroes naabolics became bodybuilders. Like the Hulkster, Mike and Mark Bell even turned to professional wrestling. Chris, a former staffer at Venice's famous Gold's Gym, doesn't use anabolic steroids--he did try them once--but his heroes have and his brothers do, leading him to look deeper at this increasingly common practice. While Anabolics documentary explores the health costs of juicing, he's mostly concerned with the moral consequences involved in the use of performance-enhancing substances. Anabolics documentary he refrains from judgment, he stopped taking steroids because it felt dishonest. Naturally, his burly brothers feel otherwise.

    Anyone know any good steroid documentaries?

    anabolics documentary

    Over the better part of this century, athletes have sought to increase the natural performance of their bodies by using various means. And while most opted for the development of their muscle mass by using standard techniques, such as lifting weights, running, or other methods, some started taking to artificial substances, which rapidly promoted the growth of muscles and the expression of male traits teenage boys experienced at puberty. These substances, anabolic-androgenic steroids AAS , most commonly known just as steroids, are actually a derivate of the testosterone male hormone.

    This is how they work. The human body is designed in such a way that it has the ability to adapt itself to the harshest of environments. In order to do that, muscles in particular have to have the capability to increase their size over relatively-short periods of time. And this is the basic principle working out relies on. When we go to the gym and work out the biceps, for example, we actually create small tears inside the muscle fibers. These tears are, of course, repaired by the immune system.

    The catch is that, upon repair, our body also compensates for the damage, by adding more material to the muscles than that ripped. If this process is repeated time and time again, then the muscle mass visibly grows, to the point where it becomes noticeable. In case of constant recurrence of the phenomenon, you will have the exact muscular mass you wanted before going to the gym. However, steroids promote this kind of growth artificially, by simply traveling via the blood stream to the cells.

    There, they hook up to small portions known as androgen receptors, which pick up the molecules and carry them inside muscle cells. At that point, they combine with DNA and promote the release of a specific kind of proteins. These agents have the sole purpose of accelerating cell growth, and, in this case, they help muscle cells grow faster than they normally would. Because this is an artificial process, the body is not always equipped to handle such massive and rapid changes — and that's why, in most cases, there are severe side effects, including elevated blood pressure, changes in cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular disease, as well as coronary artery disease.

    On the other hand, athletes can never be certain of what they're buying, because in some cases pharmacists have been proven to fill prescriptions for steroids that were approved for cattle use, and not for that of humans. So, maybe under theses circumstances, it may seem like a good idea for those pondering on the thought of picking up steroid use to spend a little more time in the gym each week for the same results, rather than start down a slippery slope, which often leads to dire consequences.

    Where I come from you walk into any gym and get recommendations from a trainer about cycles and stacks. It is just normal thing to do, even for some girls. I know some boys and girls that are 16 years old and use them. Plus, anyone can just go to pharmacies and get them, like Winstrol or Deca or even the stupid used for horses which I forget the name now. Brad Lupton, my friend was another steroid victim!

    So my good frined Steve Courson. His heart gave, but he was lucky to be killed by a tree instead of agonizing. Those who pretend that steroids don't kill you in the end, are full of bull! I quit the world of bodybuilding when I was being pushed to do steroids. Never did, but I witnessed the downfall of many! Steroids should be banned and those who encourage the use, should be jailed! That dude has a bigger rack than half of the Victorias Secret girls.

    Young people advertise themselves, in pursuit of sex, jobs, recognition and so on, in a stressful and competitive environment. For that they will use what is easiest, most natural and most available. For some, money is the way to go. For others, smarts is the way to go. For some, the creative arts are used to get attention.

    For those that don't have none of those things, building an attractive body is cheap and easy. In 6 months with roids, diet and proper training a person can get a body that requires 4 years to get otherwise I personally think it is a good deal, at par with other things people do to get attention, like overworking to get the nicest car, or drinking or joining that church, or getting in debt This is the reality here in Brazil.

    It means that if you want that hot girl Wow, that thumbnail for the movie is disturbing! How does one look at that physique and say it is an example of human strength? That is a grotesquery of the human body, not an example by any means!

    It isn't even attractive! That's what I get for just looking at that small pic! Thank you because I was really starting to wonder how far the whole bodybuilding sport has gone since the last time I saw any examples from competition.

    I was going to watch the video later. The man has pushed out stomach, that shows abuse of steroids. What i did find is that these are extremely dangerous drugs that definetly need to be regulated and controlled. Anyone that takes his or her performance in a sport this seriousely, that they would risk the effects of these drugs, needs psychological help. Unless you are a professional athelete and your very livelyhood is tied to performance, I just don't get it.

    And even in that case they need help to show them that these drugs are not the answer. What ever happened to disciplined training and exercise.

    Now we want to get it in three days and it be easy, the world has succumbed to this pop culture attitude of everything for nothing and right now not later. It sick if you ask me. The sheeple are never dissapointing Sustanon is given to recovering cancer patients people, now we wouldnt give lethal drugs to make sure a formerly dying patient recovers quickly and solidly Get real folks, as is the story with ALL drugs, danger lies in the level of responsibility with the practicing user.

    Precisely why I say that regulation is needed, not doing away with the drug. As far as I can see no one is saying we should get rid of steroids, only make sure they are not abused or used for the wrong purposes. Surely you do not think we can just trust everyone to use the drug only when legitimate need arises and in the correct amounts.

    The world has already proven this is not the case. Without regulation and laws to guide usage we will end up with gross misuse and abuse. Of course we should also get to the root issue here, why is body image so important to people. So important that they would harm themselves, or at least risk harm to themselves to obtain their ideal body. Are we this superficial as a species, if so why? I think we are that shallow. But it goes deeper than that. Marketing uses these super thin models and brawny guys to sell products for a reason, because we as a people respond to these images.

    So why do we respond to these unnatural and non healthy images? Where does our definition of what beauty is come from. Many would say from the marketing industry but I disagree. They simply use the images we respond to. Its like blaming networks for showing stuff that promotes negative behaviors.

    They only show what we watch so it falls back to us, we are driving this insanity. EZ I would like to address some of your arguments made here, but I would be jumpin in without having seen your film yet, so I will give you that first and later come back to this and respond! I know how easy it would be for others to not even wait and start talking without attending to the video first and I won't do that.

    Indeed, as far as the practical side is concerned, legalization and regulation would be the way to go. I think it should be clear to everyone how warped and narrow our appearance-based society is these days, having that said, i'm a libhertarian, i truly believe that if somebody wants to use any type of drug, it should be within their choice to do so in a relatively safe way, the only way to reach that goal is to legalize and regulate Dont abuse them use them!

    Also, it's a bit of a myth that steroids are an easy fix. I can agree with some libertarian stances but not all. Legalizing truly dangerous drugs like meth or crack I just can not support. I work with addicts so I see the damage done by these types of drugs, we can not trust people to use them safely or responsibly. The addiction epidemic has proven that to me. I refuse to declare an ideaology like libertarian or democrat or republican, I would rather judge each issue on its own merits.

    But more and more people seem to be clinging to some blanket theology that I think blinds them and forces them into certain opinions. On some issues I am libertarian, on some democrat, on others republican- I think everyone is really like this inside. But they declare themselves to be this or that and then have to take that stance, even if it offends common sense to do so. I haven't really made an arguement James. Then I said I felt we should regulate and monitor. Then I raised a question about body image.

    The only assertion I made is that i do not think marketing really drives our reaction to certain body images. I think they merely use what we already respond to. But hey, if I offended you some how or made some statement you want to rebut, go for it. I don't really care about this issue, only the bigger issue that it is a symptom of. Which is body image and how and why we idealize such unnatural body shapes.

    It isn't healthy for kids to grow up wondering why they don't look like this or little girls growing up looking at super models and then starving themselves to get the unnaturally skinny look.

    BBC Three - Reggie Yates' Extreme UK, Dying for a Six Pack, Why are so many young men on steroids?

    anabolics documentary

    Bigger Stronger Faster* () - IMDb

    anabolics documentary

    The Netflix Documentary 'Icarus' Accidentally Captures a Huge Doping Scandal - The Atlantic

    anabolics documentary